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January 4, 2015 - Bangalore, Whitefield - main Barat se piyar kartha hoon

My heading means "I love India" in Hindi :)
How is everyone???? I am now back in India, and boy am i happy to be back!!! I really do miss the Philippines, but India is my place.   It was great getting back to the chaos and the Indian English (which sounded like music to my ears) and the tradition, and also just the culture of the mission and the missionary work here.  And i do have to say that the Philippines missionaries have it pretty easy...i totally forgot how hard the work is here.  It is so difficult here because of the Hinduism and all the people are not nearly as nice as the Philippines people, so it is much more difficult to get a smile out of people and stuff.  haha but it is home.

So i got assigned in Bangalore again....i am in Whitefield ward which is the ward where the mission office and stake center is.  My companion is Elder Singh from Delhi and he has been out about 14 months and speaks Hindi, so he is beginning to teach me some.  The area is pretty good.  India is so poor it is is just so third's awesome:)  So my comp knows the area okay but he doesn't know the names of many people or the names of the places, so it has been a little frustrating so far and also is has been a patience trying week with Elder Singh.  he is a good guy but can be very irritating at i am sure i will really grow in my patience.  

So we taught a few investigators and most of them are not really progressing.  We have a couple sisters on date for the 24th that we just set them with the other day, but they didn't come to church so they have to come the next three weeks in a row.  also another brother was supposed to get baptized yesterday but didn't come to church, so still confused about how this area is going.  We are actually also working with some elders in Germany through skype to teach an Indian guy in Hindi so it is quite the interesting experience.  The members here are good and there are tons of Americans in our ward.  Most of which are actually staying here.  One is the young men's president, and another is in the bishopric and it is crazy.  I get nervous talking to them because their English is so fast and mine is so broken.  i got the broken English and the head bobble back pretty quick haha.  And the India food is delicious.  took me a couple days to readjust to it but i am good now.  The first plate of biriyani was a little spicy but so good:) 

Yeah President Berrett was surprised and happy to hear about Paul Belnap haha:) also i didn't know that Trena is his banker....haha is like i am related to my mission president because he knows everyone haha.  the travel was good back to India.  the best part about the pines was the people are so nice there...and they love ball:) but the hardest part was the mission culture.  I wasn't too big of a fan about the mission culture.  i am still trying to stop saying Tagalog things to people here, haha it is hard!!!  I loved the people in the Philippines and i especially miss Elder Neri and dap dap.  but very happy to back here in India.

So another week coming up and getting back into the swing of India.  Love you all!
Elder Ball
PS: i got to go the temple (Manila) on Tuesday:):):)

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