Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015 - Moncada, Paniqui, Philippines

Hahahaha, I can now start singing that song and it will be true! (re: subject line of "I'll Be Home for Christmas!")  haha but don't worry, i am not trunky yet.  Just SUPER India trunky! I leave tomorrow morning for india and i am so excited!

So because we skyped like 3 days ago i will  keep this email fairly short but want to let you know it was awesome getting to skype you all! I love and miss you guys so much! You are the best family ever!!!  I sent some pics on Dropbox by the way so go check them out!:0

Anyways so winding down my time in the Philippines, we didn't get a lot of teaching in this week because we moved on Tuesday, and on Thursday had the Christmas conference and curfew at 6, and friday was Christmas so everyone was busy and we were in a tri-panionship, and then good-byes yesterday.  JR Andres came to church again! He is the one in the red tank top in the pics i sent doing my "deuces" sign!  I love that guy.  Bryan finally came to church!!!!  He is doing better now and looks to finally be progressing!!!  Mari Nica's interview is today and she is so ready as she also came to church again, so saturday is her baptism!  Also Myrna and her husband Recto came again and are doing great!  Said good-byes to many members yesterday and i will really miss a ton of people here, but frankly i am ready to return to my India! I still have no clue where i am assigned yet though! haha.  

Sounds like you guys had quite the holiday with lots of fun!! Next year i will be part of that! Thanks for update on some of the fam! Tell Ryker i say what's up! I miss that guy.  Also mom if you could try and see if you can get ahold of Caleb again i would really appreciate that...haven't heard from him forever.  Glad the family is all doing well!! 

I love you guys so much! Sorry if i left stuff out of this email...but we just talked like two days ago right?? haha Love you!!!
Elder Ball

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