Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

Hey jokes! i get to email today actually! Sorry about that.  False alarm.  So i will explain why we didn't get to email yesterday.  The reason is because yesterday for P-day we got approved to go to a place called Mysore for a zone activity.  Mysore is a really cool place with lots of sights to see and places to go but it's a 3 hour drive away, so we got back too late to do anything yesterday.  But Mysore was pretty dang cool.  I will send some cool pics next week of it.  

This week for me and Elder Singh was quite honestly a little bit of a disappointing one.  I was going to say discouraging because we worked so hard and didn't see the fruits of our labors, but this is just how India is so it is just a test from God.  And we are not giving up and are planning to have a killer week this week.  It was disappointing because we tried so hard, but didn't have much member support and only Reena came to church, which actually she is being interviewed as i type this, for her baptism on Sunday so are excited for that.  We also found 0 new investigators despite door knocking some more as compared to 10 the previous weeks consecutively.  But we have some good potentials that we found, so this week we should have some good new investigators so i am pumped for that.  

The Ravi Kumar family wants to feed us like all the time, which is a little bit difficult because i feel so bad about that.  So today we are going there for lunch, but we are going to have to wait for another one until they actually come to church so that it doesn't look like we are just taking advantage of them.  The Ramesh Babu family was difficult to get ahold of this week and we only taught them one, but today is a holiday for everyone so we have appointment today with them.  We got so bunked this last week which sucked but hopefully this week is better.  Also sister Bavitha couldn't come because she had to work last minute, and her children didn't some so we have to extend her baptism date...kind of a bummer but this week we goaled for 10 baptism dates and 14 investigators at church so we are putting our faith to the test!!!

One of the skype families is doing AWESOME! They are so interested and progressing so well.  The other guy in the other skype appointments has so many legal problems as he is a refugee and pretty much has had super bad luck with his time in Europe so it seems as though we won't get too much further with him.

So Mysore was pretty cool.  We went and saw a really old palace and had a good time with the zone.  But the best part, Dad will be really proud of.....and it's funny because he mentioned it in his email to me haha.  I RODE AN ELEPHANT....No joke.  i have photo and video proof.  Yes, pa, i rode an elephant for you.  Dropped 200 rupees to do it which was quite the dent in the wallet, but it was worth it.  Way cool.  So ha. Did it.  Maybe you will have to come do it with me next time;) Speaking of which, yeah i actually do think it would be way cool if you came to india at the end of my mish.  I am good with that.  

By the way, thanks dad for the college bball update, i was actually dying inside waiting to hear about that...no joke i was wondering last week what was going on haha.  Sounds like you guys are doing great though! i am very glad for that!!! And yeah i am still learning some Hindi.  These Indian languages are pretty dang difficult, but i am getting to understand a bit more.  Really hard to find time to learn it though is the problem.  So i have a book i am using and also i am teaching that english class to sisters who know absolutely zero English, so i am learning hindi as i try and communicate to teach them english haha.  English class is awesome and i realized how honestly, english kind of sucks haha.  It is so hard to teach and i am sure even harder to learn.  

So from what i am hearing i might finish my mission in Bangalore because registration issues haha.  So...not sure, but that is what it is looking like.  But yeah because of the weather i can't complain too much.  Hoping to get back to Lingarajapuram some time soon and show Elder D'Vaz some of my old stomping grounds..  

Anyways i love you guys and sorry about the late email!!!! Love You!!
Elder Ball

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