Sunday, January 31, 2016

February 1, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

It's February!...Crazy.  
Well this week was pretty dang awesome i have to say.  I have probably never been more frustrated with a companion than i was this week with mine as far as teaching efficiency and focusing, but we got some great work done.  

First of all, Reena did get baptized! It was awesome, and she even invited like 5 of her friends to her baptism!!! She is awesome and her baptism was long overdue.  She has such a strong testimony and is super humble so it was awesome.  

Also that young man named Thanush...He came to church this week again, and he brought his mom.  His mom was in tears in sacrament meeting because of the spirit she felt there, and Thanush also attended the baptism service because he said: "i am going to get baptized next week so i have to see how it works."  How awesome is that? He is super pumped to get baptized next week.  What is even better is that i am pretty sure they told the father how great they loved church, and before he said he would only come on alternate weeks.  but yesterday they invited us over for lunch and a teaching appointment after church, and he said next week the whole family is coming.  So we are pretty confident that right after Thanush get baptized, so will his parents!!! How cool is that!!!!  They are an awesome family.

Also sister Preethi, Bavitha's daughter, came.  Bavitha didn't come again, so we are basically dropping her until Preethi gets i say that because of another awesome thing.  We introduced a member to Preethi yesterday at church, and the member did awesome fellowshipping.  Preethi absolutely loved church and told the member her testimony of the book of Mormon, and she told the member without even being asked that she is getting baptized in February.  We have her on date for the 14th, So we could have back to back to back baptisms!!!! The member even told us to baptize her next week because she is so ready, but she still needs to come to church next week and the following week to qualify for baptism, but so awesome to know that she is ready!  

A couple other random investigators that didn't show much interest before came to church as well which was awesome.  We found 9 new investigators this week.  Thanush and his parents, a father and his two daughters, and another family of three so we had an awesome week.  The work is really progressing and we have been working really hard.  So the Ravi Kumar and Ramesh Babu families are struggling a bit, so last night we retaught the Restoration to the Ravi Kumar family for better understanding, and i think they understood better this time as they committed to reading the BoM and coming to church next week.  Ramesh Babu just basically tried to Bible bash so we will see what happens with them. 

Yes, Elder Basil will leave at the same time as me, which reminds me of one point.  i think we should cancel the you guys coming to India thing...for a couple of reasons.   after i finished my ecclesiastical endorsement with President Berrett i talked to him about that.  he said it is discouraged for that to happen, but if the parents come anyway then they can work with them on it.  However, another thing is my mission has been extended a week to August 2, so as far a timing goes, i am not sure if coming to India would leave me much time before going to college.  a couple more thoughts...Elder Bunga is Zone Leader in Vizak, and Elder Bandi is Elder Bandi still haha.  Nope not teaching any africans but Elder D'Vaz still is in Lingarajapuram.  I guess they are the only interested ones in that area, but one of these days i might go there and show him some of my former investigators that weren't contacted after i left.  John is doing good.  He is teaching a French class now and is coming to church.  The members love him. 
I am getting up in the mornings a little earlier to go play ball.  Not every morning but most mornings.  Elder Basil doesn't have much interest in playing with me anymore though which kinda sucks.  MV is struggling huh?? Dang...seemed as though they were doing really good to start but i guess their schedule was also pretty easy to start.  

So yep we went to Mysore which was cool, and i uploaded quite a few pics.  I uploaded pics at the Manila temple, pics of Mysore, a pic of a random old lady just doing her thing right in front of some houses, and some others.  Hope you enjoy them.  

Haha "look upon the ball" (scripture he likes). Sometimes i joke with members and read them the scripture that says "and they did follow the directions of the ball." and then tell them that the scriptures teach people to listen to me haha.  Kinda funny.  They all get a kick out of my name haha.  Well I am glad things are going great there!

Love you!!! 
Elder Ball

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