Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 11, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

Hey fam!!!
This week was a pretty good week for us.  We had a couple of unproductive days due to me going to get foreigner registered and also splitting the area and sorting out a bunch of member list stuff.

But other than that we found 10 new investigators this week as we did door knocking and finding, so that was awesome.  One of our investigators Reena, is doing really well and is either going to get baptized this upcoming sunday or the next sunday, but either way she will get baptized for sure.  

So the majority of our new investigators is an awesome family.  So this is how we found them: we were walking to a members home when behind us i saw a kid with a christian school uniform, so i started talking to him and as we talked we found out his whole family is Christian. we asked if he could take us to his home and he did.  so Wednesday and Sunday we taught his whole family, and they are so prepared and awesome.  This kid's name is Ranjeet.  So Ranjeet, his brother John, and his friend Rithik all came to church, and next week the whole family will come.  Also they are introducing like a bunch of their friends and family to us so we can teach them! It is so awesome.  It is cool because most missionaries haven't worked much in this area because it is predominantly Muslim, but because of that all the Christians know each other, so they are very close and friendly so a ton of potential.  It was just evidence that God prepares his children and also places people in our path every day for a reason.  

But other than that we are doing a ton of finding because we split our areas.  We are in the same ward as the APs so we just split the areas so are kind of whitewashing the areas.  Also Elder Basil is the AP so i am living with my aussie mate again!:)  It is pretty fun.  

Yeah my comp is quite the experience haha.  He struggles with teaching and is just an interesting I will be learning a lot of patience.  He is teaching me Hindi though which is nice, but yeah it is going okay.  

I am really growing a lot on my mission, and i can really feel the spirit testify through me as i teach.  I still can improve on a lot but lately as i have been teaching, i am more and more feeling the spirit literally fill my mouth with the words to say, and also can feel it testifying to people.  It is such a great feeling.  

The stake is not bad, still young so it will take time to blossom but still nice (was created November 2015); the stake leadership is full indian.  The Americans that are here are living here for a period of about 3 years most of the time.  They are here for their work, and they do actually live far from us and the chapel in a place that literally feels like America from what i have heard.  

The Manila temple was awesome...i loved it so much, very small on the inside. how is the meridian temple?? the sessions in manila are in English. and speaking of manila, a member from manila just attended our ward yesterday because she is here for work, and i can still speak tagalog:):) I spoke with her in tagalog and it was awesome.  

I don't know Elder Dille and i don't know any Bares...
Yep i received the family calendar:) i love it!:) 
As far as why i like the mission culture is because they care more about the people here than the numbers, and in the Philippines it just seemed like everyone was going for leadership and recognition.  Here the missionaries care so much about the people and i love it.  But i am so happy to be back in India!!! 

Love you guys!!!
Elder Ball

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