Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 18, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

Hello everyone!!
So this week started off super slow...the reason being because we went door knocking the first three days, and we literally found almost no success.  We went to a place where missionaries had never been and it was for good reason...pretty much only hindu and muslim homes...but we were diligent in continuing so we found some potentials.

Then in the second half of the week, we exploded with awesome stuff.  We found 10 new investigators again! We found a new family of 5 that is awesome, thanks to Rithik who introduced them to us, because they are his family.  we found a guy who recently moved here and is looking for a church to go to, and another guy who is having a leadership position in his church, and then a few part members and stragglers.  It was awesome!  We also had 5 investigators come to church this week.  Bavitha didn't come, but her son and daughter came with was awesome as well as Rithik, and a new guy named Anish and also sister Reena the Hindi sister.

As far as hindi goes i am still learning but is hard...but what might help is i began teaching an english class which could get us more new investigators.  And also most of the people that attended only speak hindi, so i will learn hindi as i teach English, so it is pretty cool.

Other than that this week was pretty routine.  We ended up having some pretty good success.  We taught a couple skype lessons, and those investigators are doing really well so that is great.  We taught the Ramesh Babu family once, but they didn't come to church because they went out of town to Chennai, but they said next week for sure they are coming. so next week we could have like 10 investigators at awesome would that be? 

So yeah, my comp can be frustrating at times, but i try to have as much fun and roll with it as much as possible and it helps.  Sometimes i have to take over a portion of the lesson and help him out, so because of that I am improving my teaching as well.  but we are improving hopefully and our lessons have been pretty effective lately.  It is pretty fun being with the assistants also, because president berrett expects their area and our area to be the best two in the mission to give an example to the rest of the mission.   We really have to improve on teaching less actives though, as we didn't teach any this week which was a bummer, so we are going to try and work better with the less actives and the members.  

Sounds like a great week for you guys as well which is awesome! Glad you are doing so well! My emails are also getting a tad short haha, but that is because i don't know what to say anymore! i hear this happens to pretty much every missionary who has been out for almost a year and half...

Love you guys!!!
Elder Ball

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