Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Well another week has come and gone!! Crazy.  This week was another interesting one for us.  We worked really really hard this week and talked to a lot people and really tried to help our investigators progress.  That was the difficult part.  Getting all these people we are teaching to progress.

The Dunca family is kind of weird situation right now.  Kyla is coming to church every week still which is good, but we still can't get her to pray.  Carlota is shy about praying and reading also, and we don't think they are reading ever.  Plus, Carlota still didn't come to church.  But we still have her dated for September 5, so she needs to come the next four weeks for that to happen.  Another investigator named Shane Rey is about 12 and he was dated for Aug 29, and since he is under 14 he has to come 8 times in a row.  Well he missed yesterday. So now we have to move him back to the first of October, so that was kind of frustrating.  

However, we did see some great progress from a family called the Dela Cruz family.  We have been teaching them for a few weeks now, and the main people we teach in the family are the dad named Ingo, and the 18 year old daughter named Daisy.  Daisy is really shy and they both seem a little robotic, but they always read the assignments we give them and this week they both came to church and also committed to being baptized on August 29.  The only obstacle we will have with them is getting Ingo to quit smoking.  So this week we plan on teaching the word of wisdom lesson and committing him to quit.  But other than that they are doing quite well.

We also got a sister named Sandra to come to church and that was great.  She never really took us seriously in lessons, but this week she came to church which was awesome.  We found some new investigators this week including friends of the Dunca family named the Rosal family.  They are not too interested yet, but hopefully the gospel softens their hearts and we can continue to teach them.

So the Philippines is quite the experience.  Last monday we ate a members home and ate squid and duck and frog and chicken, and all of it was really good actually so that was cool.  Also it has been pretty hot lately, and the last couple of evenings it has rained buckets on us.  But i guess we are entering the main part of rainy season now.  Also because people are so crazy about basketball here, everyone wears basketball jerseys, mostly custom made.  And we can get them custom made for like 6 bucks so i put in an order today of like 10 jerseys...oops haha. but it will cheaper to get all of them here than to get one in the US.

Tyler is shaved now huh?? bet that was an adventure...
And yes it is so true...(you can take the missionary out of India but...)you can't take India out of the missionary. My comp still laughs at me for how bad my english is haha.  and every food here is so dang bland...i always have to ask for spicy stuff, and i even ate a spoonful of this chilli stuff at a place and it didn't even phase me.  Yes, Elder Bunga and Thompson are now together in Rajahmundry 1st branch, so that is cool.  Basil is in Hyderabad.

You had b-dubs!!! Lucky!!! yum! (Buffalo Wild Wings) Yeah i might be able to eat blazin now.  But they do have a curry flavor there but it is Thai curry, but a great idea mom!:)  Tagalog is coming along...sort of...i said a few tagalog prayers this week for investigators hoping that if they see i can learn how to pray in tagalog, it will help them to have faith that they can pray in front of us.  I am learning line upon line you could say:)

So i sent some pics this week!
Scripture: check out 2 Nephi 28:21-end of chapter.  So true.  I especially see that more here now in the philippines with so many christians who most of them believe all you need to do is believe in jesus and you're good.  Satan is lulling them into a complacent state and eventually could carefully lead them down to extreme as it is, it is true.  Satan is good at what he does. an absolute pro.  Anyways, God is more powerful anyways so we have no need to worry.

Love you! Have a great week!
Love,  Elder Ball

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