Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 - DapDap, Miracle Sunday

Hello fam!!!!
This was.....well there isn't really a word for it (subject line of Miracle Sunday).  It completely threw us for a loop and blew our minds that is for sure.  So first of all we worked really hard this week again, and are getting closer and closer to our baptisms with Daisy and Inggo.  Their interview is next Saturday! We are getting really excited for them.  Inggo is a trooper!!! He is having all these like stomach acid issues and not feeling very well from not smoking or drinking coffee, but in the midst of all of that he still has not taken one sip or puff.  The guy is awesome.  He is doing amazing, and we are trying to prepare them for the interview next week!

So this Sunday was the DapDap Branch First Anniversary.  And it was also Branch Conference so we had like all the Stake Leaders there, and there was no better day for God to work his miracles in DapDap.  So normally our attendance is like 36...this time is was 72.  Many of which were obviously from the stake, but the miraculous part was that 1/4 of the attendance was investigators......that's right.  We had 18 investigators at church...It still tickles me pink.  One of which is a family of 8.  Here is their story. 
On Friday we only had two hours in the afternoon to work before going to the sisters area to do a baptism interview for them, and we had one lesson go through and the others all bunked, so we thought about just going back to the house and getting ready to go.  However, we decided to try one sister who we taught like three weeks ago, and her whole family was there.  They are the Dela Cruz-Castro family.  Their oldest kid is 24 and the youngest is 9, so they have 6 kids.  They are just a cute family of 8.  None of them are educated because they can't afford to send their kids to school.  They are so poor and humble and so prepared.  They accepted our baptism invite, and we went to church with them on Sunday.  So awesome.  They know absolutely nothing about Jesus Christ so we are starting from square one, which is okay because they have no objections haha.  

We also found another new family of six.  Beautiful adorable sweet close family named the Manipon family.  They reluctantly let us in the first time but loved our message about how the restoration can help their family, and then surprisingly they came to church on their own.  They are thinking about baptism also.  

What is awesome though is our branch is terrible at fellowshipping but all the stake leaders that were there gave up their seats inside for all our investigators and went and stood outside so the investigators could have a good experience, and then the stake speakers including the president spoke directly and personally to the investigators.  It truly was an absolute miracle, and we realized God had blessed us for our work and also brought these people on this specific week for a reason.  It was so awesome.  Sandra also brought her kids, and Daisy came and Caila came, and it was like ecstasy haha.  I was smiling like a fool the whole time i was playing the piano in sacrament meeting.  Beautiful ain't it? How much power God tagalog we call that "Pinakanapamakapangyarihan." 
Crazy that another school year has started.  Ty looks so tall....sounds like a fun trip to McCall!!  Very sad though about Sis. Dubois...:( I will pray for her and fast for her.  I really hope she gets better.  She is awesome. 
Well enjoying life and loving missionary work, but still wanting to go India...but not until next transfer because we are going to have like 10 baptisms this transfer...that will be so awesome.
Well love you! Have a great week! 
Elder Ball
PS: God Lives.  And Loves His Children.  Elder Van Tassell and I are proof...

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