Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 17, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Hey everyone!!!
Well this week is probably going to be a little bit of shorter email  It was quite the interesting week....we had a really good zone conference on Tuesday, so we got off to a slow start with our work but then picked it up hard the next three days! We are working so hard in this area trying to do our part and leave the rest up to God.  It has been super hot this week too.  And humid.  A lot like India;) but still nothing like Rajahmundry;) 

So the weekend to be honest kind of sucked....we got bunked on so hard by like everybody and no one would listen to us, and our branch president showed up an hour late to our missionary coordination meeting on saturday. so that was really frustrating, and then to make things worse, we were expecting like 12 investigators at sacrament meeting but only three showed up.  Daisy, Alexa and a lady named Anne.  Inggo couldn't come because he was sick, but he and his family are doing so awesome.  He is down to only one cig a day and no coffee and is awesome.  Daisy is reading and loves the church, and that family considers us as part of their family and Inggo always calls us his children haha.

Carlota has pretty much dropped off.  We have lost her.  Shane Rey has no interest anymore.  But we found 13 more new investigators this week, so we are still putting people into our teaching pool.  Although it was super difficult this week, i still love every minute of non-stop sweating and i love being able to just say hi to everyone and smile at everyone like a dork but not feel like a dork at all.  It is awesome.  Kind of sad though when people here are so mad all the time and not happy and nice haha but whatever.  

So i guess i have a few assignments for you this week that are kind of cool
1. watch the mormon message called "Lift." It is awesome
2. Read Alma 49 and 50.  Pretty cool parallel with the way Moroni fortifies the cities against the enemy and we should fortify ourselves against the ultimate enemy called Sin and Satan.  Awesome.
3. Another reason the Book of Mormon is true and is from not and clearly not from man: read Alma 36.  However, before you do this, research what a chiasmus is. and then study that chapter of will blow your mind i guarantee.

Most awesome thing this week was seeing the great progression of the Dela Cruz family continue.  Not much sight-seeing on P-day.  We go to a nice mall sometimes.  About news yet.  Hope i get back before november though because Bangalore is going to be made a stake on the 14th-15th of November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go India!!!!!!!!!  (Note: President Berrett posted on the missionary family fb page that actual dates and approval for creating a new stake are not yet confirmed.  India currently only has one stake in Hyderabad plus a few districts.)

And nope nothing fun on hump day just the typical work! If you could though, i could use a couple more short sleeve white shirts.  Tagalog is coming along well.  Interesting experiences on my mission for sure...not sure anyone has had experiences like this except for us indian missionaries.  Nothing like it!  Love you!!!
Elder Ball

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