Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Hello everyone!!! Another has just flown by!!! really crazy how fast it flies by. 

So this week we worked really really extra hard and got 30 lessons in which for this struggling area is pretty dang sweet.  And we found 19 new investigators....3 times more than all of the other areas in our district combined...11 of those was a huge group of family and friends that invited us into their home.  And the funny story about them is the day before we door knocked them and they let us in, but they were drinking and smoking and playing cards and after we sat down they literally ignored us and were rude for like 10 minutes so we just left and said we would come back the next day.  So the next morning we had an appointment with an investigator named Rogelio and he bunked on us, and my companion was quite disappointed but i just had a feeling god had a different plan for us.  So as we go back to this house, he thinks we are going to get bunked again, but i still feel like we are supposed to be there.  So we get there and they let us in and all 11 of them intently listened and were super interested and wanted us to come back the next day which unfortunately was booked so we set another appointment with them on Saturday! It was awesome.  God has really surprised us a ton lately so we are quite confused haha.

Example: we originally thought Caila and Carlota would get baptized but now Carlota has absolutely no interest and the Dela Cruz family is progressing really well instead as well as sister Sandra who until last night hadn't smoked or drank once.  She really has been trying to follow the word of wisdom and is progressing well.  This week at church was Alexa, Caila, Inggo, a girl named Neseline Jacinto and also an American named Buddy.  There are many white people here it blows my mind.  Even in our area there are a few.  it is so weird. 

But we are really struggling right now with our branch president.  We are just really trying to get him to help us so it is frustrating.  And quite frankly we were embarrassed for our investigators on Sunday because of the talk he gave and his sunday school lesson were not really appropriate.  So it was really embarrassing.  So we are quite baffled as to how to progress with that.  We are basically carrying the branch on our back.  And the only person that comes on exchange is Jason who is the guy in the Jazz shirt in the pics i sent last week.  But nonetheless we are really working hard and doing our part so i guess that is all that matters.

So basketball analogy: So lately in the NBA a "Big Three" has been huge.  Like Miami, Boston, OKC, Cleveland you know those ones.  But i want to focus on the one that never fails to get the job done. That's right, Parker, Ginobli and Duncan.  So these guys never fail to make the playoffs and can easily lead you to a championship.  Although they are old and "boring" and fundamental, they really get the job done no matter what.  You can always count on them.  Well i found the big three in missionary work.  We always tell the investigators and members to do three things that will never fail.  And while they are old and sunday school answers and so simple and nothing really that special, they work every time. In tagalog, Magbasa (read the scriptures), Magdasal (pray) and Magsimba (go to church).  The Big Three.  How awesome is that?? I testify that doing those things will get us through 100 percent of the time.

Second, i came up with quote on my own.  I made it up: "Good Morning" ends with the morning, but "Good Morning" with smile, lasts a whole longer while.  Seriously when we say good morning or something to people it is nice and may help them through that brief period, but if we do it without a smile, it ends as soon as that period is over.  Smiles are so dang powerful it is crazy.  If we add a smile to those greetings we say, it will last longer.  Smiles are contagious.  So every day find reasons and times to smile and it will not only help us, but help those around us. 

Scripture: we can all use a reminder about the basic simple doctrines of the gospel of jesus christ so i would that ye read 2 Nephi 31 :)

Well a pretty decent week and now on to another!! Crazy! Sounds like you are having much fun at home!! Enjoy! Love you all!
Elder Ball

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