Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Hey loved ones!!! i have some good pics to upload this week but for some reason it isn't letting me this week so next week i will try and upload them!As for this week there is only one word to describe it: Odd.

We had two days where we didn't teach a single lesson yet we still ended up with not bad numbers.  One of those days Elder Van Tassell had to travel a long ways to go to some District Leaders meeting all day, so i went on exchange in a different area and was with one elder who has been here for 8 months and the other is the batch behind me from india! Elder Broderick.  It was pretty fun talking with Elder Broderick.  And yes the batch right in front of me just got their visas, so it looks like i am next.  Probably will only be here for one more transfer and then get back to India.  And to be quite honest, i am dying to get back there.  I have enjoyed the Philippines and have learned quite a bit, but i still am just in love with India and miss being able to teach in English and people actually understand me. 
The two exchanges i went on this week in other areas were good because those areas are more city like, so pretty much everyone understood when i taught in English.  However, there was one recent convert we taught in one of those areas and i tried to only speak tagalog, and i actually did really well.  i am getting a lot better but it is still pretty hard.  And honestly it is nothing like spanish.  I mean a few vocab words here and there are Spanish, but overall it is not much like spanish at all but oh well haha i am trying!

So Daisy came to church again and she is doing really well.  Inggo was unable to come to church because of work, but he still is planning on getting baptized on the 12th.  Sandra also came which was awesome! However, she has so many issues that are holding her back and are a huge hurdle....But we are really trying to help her.  We also had a new investigator come to church named Arqueen.  He has cancer and a very soft heart right now so we are hoping he continues to progress as well.  But even though we had a weird week, we are really working hard and going for our life.  We are doing everything we can in our power to help the branch, even though no one at all helps us which is the frustrating thing and we are trying to maintain faith.  My area is a tiny little village isolated from pretty much most places.  Cute little place, but the people here are very different haha.  There is only me and my comp

Kourtni got engaged?!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh that is insane!!! Tell her congrats!!  Sounds like things are really picking up at home now as it is getting back to school time and busy time!! As far as things from home i pretty much only need a couple of shirts...maybe some garments and another sweat towel.  

Scripture: well since gay-marriage is legalized i studied a little bit about god's laws versus world laws.  What is interesting is all of the christians that believe in the bible but never actually read it.  And if they are so firm about their bible beliefs, then why do they approve gay marriage so readily when it is condemned quite often in the bible such as Leviticus and Genesis and other places.  Not really a scripture but just a thought...

Well love you guys hope you have a great week!!
Love, Elder Ball

Elders Van Tassell & Ball with their new jerseys

 Larry Bucatcat, the body builder

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