Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 27, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Well it has now been 52 weeks down and 52 to go on my mish! My official year mark is on the 30th, but in terms of weeks and when i will go home, i now have like exactly one year from today! So weird.  I feel old;) haha.  And it is weird to think a year from today i will be on a flight home....but i try not to think about that haha.  Still a ways to go so gotta keep focused:)

But this week was interesting for Elder Van Tassell and I.  We worked so dang hard this week and really thought we were doing awesome as we got a lot more baptism dates and found 16 new investigators, but on Saturday literally all of our plans fell through, so we were hoping sunday would be a bounce back day and we were planning for 7 investigators at church.  So in the morning we went and picked up a sister named Anne Marie who we are teaching and we took her to church.  She is married and has a couple kids and is really interested to change her life, but we got to church and like 5 minutes later, her dad shows up.....and he was very mad.  So he took her home so we are giving her space for a day or two and then will try again.  And then our baptism date for the 29th of August didn't show up (for a valid reason, but still) so we were really disappointed.  We did have three investigators show up.  One is an 8 year old named Alexa and she comes every week and should get baptized soon.  The other is an older fellow named Inggo, and he is really nice guy and he liked church and we had some pretty good fellowship for him.  The other is our best investigator.  So short backstory about her.  One night we were going to teach an investigator sister named Julie who has two daughters, JoAnn and Jessa May who are members, and we had a fixed appointment but they bunked so we were really bummed, but as we walked away from their house, we came across a house who had people in it that we talked to and they let us in.  we shared the Restoration and have now taught them a couple of times, but they seemed at first like they were just being nice and letting us in....until last night.  So the daughter of the family who is like 11, her name is Kyla, she has come to church three times in a row now and is doing great, and has great fellowshippers in JoAnn and Jessa May.  So last night we went to teach the family (name is Dunca family) and we had an awesome lesson where they really opened up to us and committed to all coming to church on Sunday and it was awesome.  They are doing so well now and we really believe The Man Upstairs had a little something to do with the bunked appointment a week ago and set us up with this family who we really believe will get baptized, so that was pretty awesome.  So it was a great end to a great first 5 days of the week that were followed by two really difficult and trying days, but it really humbled us after we thought we were so good;) haha.  God has a tendency to do that i think.  Humble us just as we think we are amazing, so that we realize he is actually in control and we need to lean on Him.  So it was pretty awesome.  

I love the pics of Tyler!! Adorable still.  Well hopefully all goes well with his new helpers.  I'm sure God will help them and guide them as i believe He did with Kayla.  Yeah my shirts are a bit yellow, but they were cleaned nicely by Sister Josie in our branch. She only had to soak my comps in the washing water and bleach once, but with mine she had to do it three times!!! They were shocked to see how yellow they were, haha but they are doing well now. 
Yeah i love John. I really miss that guy.  I got really close with him and he is such a delightful guy.  I still really do miss India though.  India is my hood.  haha i love it sooooo much and i knew i loved it before, but i didn't know exactly how much i loved it until i left it.  I miss it like crazy and can't wait to go back.  But i do love my companion.  he is awesome and helps me with tagalog and is a trooper.  He hasn't had that great of comps on his mission who haven't helped him much, and now he gets me who can't speak tagalog so he is awesome and i love him.  I can now give a pretty good but simple testimony in tagalog, and i am still learning some other things so it is coming along.  But we have lots to do here and we are enjoying it.  We played some ball this morning and i got my shot back!!:) i was stroking it like Steph Curry today so i was super happy about that:)

Scriptures to look up: 2 Nephi 4.  Pretty cool about Nephi's humility.  And in Jacob chapter 2 it is cool to see how much God cares about respect for women as He "delights in the chastity of women." Love that.  

Anyways hope you have a great week and have fun shaving the big man;)
Love you!!
Elder Ball

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