Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

Well we are now into another month and another month of summer here at that.  India is super hot.  And everyone here in Bangalore is saying that this is pretty much the hottest year in Bangalore.  They are saying it usually doesn't get this hot....very uplifting....haha, not.  But despite the weather we are still pressing on and doing our best.  We had an okay week.  

Teja is doing okay.  He might have found a solution to his money problem and he still wants to be baptized so that is good.  We weren't able to meet Reshmi so we aren't sure what will happen with her.  Babitha finally came to church again, and one of our members helped us with her this week.  His name is Sandeep Barre.  He was less active about a month ago.  We have been working with him for a couple months, and now he has been back for the last four weeks in a row and has really been excited about helping other people at church as well.  It was pretty awesome.  The Prathapans are still the same...slow but sure.  Prabhakar is so awesome.  We are only able to teach him on Sundays which is difficult for progress, but he is so willing to learn and is awesome.  

That's about it as far as this week.  We head off to Goa on Saturday and just before that on Thursday we are going to see Chennai, so it will be a super busy week.  So next week when i email you i will be in Goa!! 

So Elder Basil and I are enjoying together and working hard and hoping to find some success.  The Philippines missionaries are really glad to be back.
Not a lot of time this week.  We have had a really busy P-day!!! Talk to you next week!!!
Elder Ball

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