Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Goa

Happy Birthday TY!!!!!!! Man that kid is getting old.  Blows my mind that he is 17 did that happen???

Well this week i will TRY to describe....It was probably the hardest, most exhausting, fun, incredible, rigorous and stressful week of my mission....but it was probably the best.  Goa is such an awesome place.  We really had a good time.  The only thing is that we had like 0 time to relax so we didn't even get to ever relax on the beach;) Most people here probably thought we went there to basically vacation but they couldn't have been more wrong. 
We worked soooo hard this week.  And throughout the week we were hoping and praying that a lot of people would come to the open house.  We wanted it to be successful for their sake because of how great of members they are and how excited they were for it.  It was actually quite sad to leave them and to leave Goa.  But what happened is that about 25 people came!! Definitely more than everyone was expecting.  Definitely a miracle.  And it went really well.  We taught lots of people and showed them around, and from our work throughout the week we found about 5 potential baptisms for Goa and a baptism for another ward here in Bangalore!!!! It was super cool.  And Allen was awesome.  Such a cool guy.  He came to church after being inactive for months on months.  So that was way cool.  It really was an awesome time and experience.

As far as things here in Bangalore, we were told that Babitha and Teja didn't come but Prathapan and Shanthi came which was good.  Anyways, so we are now back in Bangalore.  No, we won't be travelling with President Berrett actually (mission tour prior to finishing as mission President).  Yeah i got to speak and meet with Elder Thompson and will have quite a bit of interaction with him because he is a zone leader.  The others...Elder Bandi goes home in 9 weeks.  And Elder Bunga leaves in 3 weeks.  And then me in 15 weeks...what?????

Well words can't really describe the week so I'll send some pics for you:)
Elder Ball

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