Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

Well this was an interesting week.  We actually picked it up a little bit this week.  Not a ton, but a little bit which is a step in the right direction for this area.  We taught Teja and he is doing okay, but just like all of our other investigators, for some reason, he has a major we aren't sure if he is using us for money.  Hopefully not because he is like our best investigator.

Babitha is still struggling...very disappointing.  Again she didn't come to church, so we aren't sure what to do with her.  We might just have to drop her for a little while and let her find out how much she needs the gospel by her lacking it.  We will see what happens.  The Prathapan family is doing quite well. Coming to church, finally reading a little bit.  They are doing well.  They are slow but sure.  Definitely they will get baptized.  Only a matter of time.  Rishmi is having a BIG problem with her husband who went off to a different city a few years back, so a major road block because technically she is still married to him but won't sign the divorce papers.  Very difficult situation. 
We did teach two new brothers this week which was good.  One is a member's father in law and he comes to church now but we will see.  The other is a Hindu guy named Prabhakar who comes regularly but we finally were able to meet and teach him.  HE IS AWESOME.  So willing to learn and very intelligent, and we can speak normal english to him without worrying about understanding.  We don't have to break any english.  Very refreshing.  

We unfortunately didn't get to go to Visak because of some flight booking problem.  But...we went to the cricket match, the whole zone.  President and Sister Berrett were in Sri Lanka so they didn't go.  Australia vs. Bangladesh.  Soooooo fun.  Will send pics as soon as i get them from the person who has them.  Cameras aren't allowed, so one of the india missionaries snuck one in.  Then in the T20 world cup match last night, india had a clutch wild come back win against australia in an elimination game.  Elder Basil is losing sleep over that haha. 

Anyways, yep just 18 weeks to go...but still a long time so that's good:)Elder Coleman leaves tomorrow night.  Elder Bunga goes home in 6 weeks, and yep we get to see all the leaving and incoming missionaries.  

Life is good...still.
Elder Ball

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