Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 - Chennai & Goa

Hey everyone!
Livin' the Goa life!  This week was quite the busy week!!!

We got some good work in the only three days we were in our area.  On Wednesday we had a good MLC with all the Zone Leaders and President Berrett.  Elder Basil and I gave a couple trainings at it.  It ended up pretty good actually.  Our investigators are doing okay.  It will be interesting to see how they do this week without us visiting them at all.

We did go to Chennai on Thursday and Friday, and boy is that place HUMID! The heat isn't that bad actually, but the humidity is what kills you!!! But Chennai is a pretty awesome place.  I really liked it actually.  I went on exchange with Elder Parks who is the Zone Leader there so that was good.  Also Elder Singh is in that zone so i got to see him again as well.  
So at this moment i am in a member's house emailing you guys from GOA!!!! This place is dang cool.  We are actually staying for a few days with a couple of members from the US who live here in Goa permanently.  They are a pretty cool family.  The members here in Goa are incredible.  They are like the nicest people i have ever met.  I have never had so many invitations over for dinner on my whole mission.  They are so cool.  Every last member.  We are planning to work with the less actives here and also go through the old list of investigators to try meeting with them all and inviting them to the open house.  One of less actives named Allen came and chilled with us on our P-day today.  He is a way cool guy.  He is about our age and hasn't been to church for a while.  But we taught him yesterday, and he hung out with us today and he is sooooo cool.  We really enjoyed with him today.  Goa is very tropical and yes it is still pretty hot.  But it is like a villagy area with a european (portuguese) twist to it.  It is way cool.  We really love this place already.  So yeah we are having a good time here in Goa.  We are going to work hard this week to see if we can get the Branch to have a good turn out for the open house and bring back some members.  The Branch only has about 40-50 members and about 20 turn up for church, so it's a very small branch, but every member is super nice and welcoming and fun.  We are very excited for what will happen this week.

Love you guys! Here are some pics!
Elder Ball

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