Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 7, 2015 - Moncada, Paniqui, Philippines

A pretty dang good week for Elder Ordejan and I.  The highlight though was definitely our baptisms.  We had two baptisms on Saturday.  Elder Ordejan baptized Charmie, and I baptized Bianca.  It was a great service and a ton of Bianca's family came! They are actually becoming progressing investigators now, as a lot of them came to church for the second week in a row.  One is sister Myrna, Bianca's grandmother.  She is super Born Again Christian, but the other day after the baptism we were eating at the branch president's house and Myrna was only eating a little bit.  Elder Ordejan asked her why...she said to become lighter for her baptism.....we were really shocked haha but it was way cool.

We taught JR Andres again, (the english speaker) and that was really good...he is slowly growing in his faith and is very sincere about coming to know of the truth before making any decision, and he promised us that he will come to church next week.  He is reading the book of mormon and praying so he is doing good.  He asked about baptism the other day too, so i think God is really touching him right now.  And of course it is always refreshing for me to teach in English:)

The other JR, Bianca's uncle, passed his interview on Friday, so we will be having another baptism this upcoming Saturday!! Pretty awesome.  Having lots of baptisms in the Philippines.  To be quite honest, the Philippines is a lot easier than India.  India is so difficult and challenging.  Plus the Philippines is pretty "ripe" from what i heard from President Clark from his Mission Presidents Seminar.  

So things are going pretty good.  We are still struggling to try and find new investigators for January and we lost one of our investigators this week, because if her catholic school finds out she is learning from us they will take away her scholarship and possible expel her.  Bummer.

But anyways life is good.  Our batch fasted for our visas this week so hopefully something comes of that:)

So happy for Michelle (Dubois)! She really is something.  Such a special person.  Especially her and Tyler seem to have a special bond as well.  So happy for her.  Truly a miracle.  God definitely had everything to do with it. 

We are probably going to move this week into our branch president's house because he is leaving on the 9th...crazy but we will be closer to the church so i can play ball every morning.  This morning i played with about 7 young men.  I love the young men here.  They are awesome and it was fun playing ball with them.  Christmas is huge here.  They start it in joke.  Crazy.  But they love it.  Will share more as it gets closer.

Of course really missing india now.  If i was in DapDap with Elder Neri still, honestly i would not mind staying here for longer haha.  But i am ready to get back now.  

Love you guys so much!
Elder Ball

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