Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015 - Moncada, Paniqui, Philippines

Hey everyone!! Merry Christmas this upcoming week!!! So excited for Christmas!! So as for skype, i will coming to the computer shop to skype you at 10 am here or so here in the which would be about 7pm on Christmas Eve for you guys.  Would that be okay?? Ma, could you send my skype info again?? I can't find it...Thanks! Excited for our 3rd skype!!

So this week was a weird one.  We finally got stuff figured out for our new house so we are moving in tomorrow, so i will only live in it for a week.  it is right next to the church, so i will get basketball in every morning until i leave to my India!

JR Andres came to church finally this week and is doing really well.  I think he is really progressing.  He was quite disappointed though that i am leaving, but i am sure Elder Ordejan will take good care of him.  JR and Bianca Sibayan got confirmed yesterday which was great, but it was a little embarrassing because the member who was doing the welcome after their confirmation was blooper nation and couldn't figure out what to do haha, it was funny but super embarrassing.  Bryan didn't come again so we were super disappointed about that.  But Myrna and her husband came again which was great, and Myrna will be getting baptized on the 9th instead because of coffee but she is doing well.  We moved Mari Nica to the 2nd of January so i will still be here for her interview this week, so this would be my 13th baptism in the Philippines...crazy...

I got the package!! It is awesome! I am loving all the peanut butter products:) And the shirts are great, and ornament, but those socks!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!! Everyone is jealous of me for those socks;) Elder Ordejan loves the shirt but it is quite large on him.  He is only 5'3 is about two sizes too big haha but he still likes it:)  Thanks so much for the package it is awesome.  

This week is our Christmas conference which yes is pretty much our mission Christmas party so pretty excited for that, especially i get to see Elder Neri again!  I looked for a philippines christmas ornament here but haven't found one yet!:( I am looking again today so pray that i find one! haha.  I am trying my best mom!  Tyler looks huge!!!!  Wow Dad! Sounds like you are quite the popular guy! (re: updates from several of Ryan's friends he saw at MV bball game) It's because you are so awesome. What a social guy!!;)  Thanks for keeping up on my boys...not long before i get home and see those guys win state next year!;)  Sounds like they are doing pretty well!  

I love you guys so much! Enjoy like anything! (my indian grammar) i have practicing it and the head bobble because i kind of lost it...:/ 
Elder Ball

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