Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 - DapDap, Isa Pang Lingo

Hello everyone (again)! Another week (the subject translated to english).  Not too bad of a week this week.  We had two days where we had to be in by 7 because of a holiday here.  They celebrate their "Halloween" differently by going to visit the cemeteries, sometimes in large quantities of people, many of whom are most likely wasted. Haha.  But it was still a pretty decent week.  

The best part was that brother Romel passed his interview this week, so we are having another baptism! This upcoming Saturday we will be having our 3rd baptism in four weeks.  Pretty awesome huh? We are really trying to get it done here.  Especially with all of the people we have on date for this month.  Speaking of Romel, i sent a picture of a plastic ring strung to a door.  That is Romel's 3 year old son's basketball hoop haha.  I thought it was awesome and reminded me of myself and doing anything i can to get some hoopin in.  Pretty awesome right?

We also taught Danica, Daisy's little sister and she committed to a date as well and she is a pretty smart girl.  We actually had been having a hard time getting her to listen when we would teach the rest of the family because she is so shy, but her mom told us this week that she said she wants to be baptized so we asked her and she said yes so November 21 is her date.  She is doing really well.

As for Brian, we might have lost him, but might not have.  It is a long story.  Long story short, a counselor in our branch presidency got him a job trying to help him out, and the parents got really mad for no reason.  The parents are really weird, so the step dad and brian got in a fight so he was gone for the whole week and wasn't able to come to church.  But there is still a possibility he comes back so we are praying for that.

Another highlight was moving to our new meetinghouse! It is really nice and is like a small chapel.  I sent some pictures of that.  Also sent some pics of last weeks baptism of sister Baby.  That was great.
 So we are still working hard here.  I am pretty exhausted actually.  Not gonna lie, i have been super exhausted lately from doing so much, but we just keep on pushing as much as we can.  We are still looking for new investigators because with all these baptisms it will diminish our teaching pool quite much haha.  Not too terrible a problem to have but we are trying to find new people to teach to prepare for December.  

Transfers are this week because it is a short transfer because of some meeting president clark has.  I really really hope i stay here.  I honestly do not want to leave Dap Dap.  The only and i mean ONLY situation i would leave Dap Dap right now is to return to india.  Not even to return home;) haha.  
Another funny thing.  I got invited by a guy to play for his team in a league that starts here in January.  haha.  Not sure if i will still even be in Dap Dap then...i hope so;) haha.  But on a serious note, things are really going well here, and me and comp get along great so we have been having great success.  

My tagalog is getting better and better every week.  In lessons i probably speak about 60 percent tagalog now and sometimes 75 percent.  In conversation, only tagalog.  I had a hard time speaking in english to the american who attends our branch sometimes haha.  I kept thinking in tagalog.  haha. 
Anyways the NBA started...i know.  People in the Philippines love the NBA.  We had a lunch appointment with Jayson today, and we saw some of the Thunder and Nuggets game there haha.  Doesn't make me trunky at all....okay maybe a little;)  And Dad i forbid stopping the sports updates.  It isn't distracting.  It is just a part of my life that no matter where i am at, it should have at least a little piece in my life.  So don't stop them.  

Well i love you all so much and time really is flying!
Keep it real!
Elder Ball

Joke lang!!! some pics aren't uploading for some reason.  Some made it through but i guess next week i will try again.  In the ones that made it through are our old, junk meetinghouse, our new one, and also the manipon family!

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