Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 16, 2015 - Moncada, Paniqui Philippines

Hello sa pamilya ko!!! Hello to my family!! Well another week has just flown by and time is really fast...

Elder Ordejan and I had a pretty darn good week.  We taught lots of people and really helped a lot of people to progress.  On Monday one of the investigators we have been teaching passed a baptism interview, so this week we had his baptism.  His name is Asi Bahian.  He is 12 years old and is a really good kid.  His sister is a recent convert so he already had pretty good exposure to the missionaries, and this week he was baptized and confirmed which was great.  Also, Elder Neri just gave me news today that Judai, Jenni and Danica all passed their baptism interviews this week and so are all getting baptized on this upcoming Saturday!! I am so excited for them!!! 

But this area is going pretty good.  Of course i am still bummed about not being in Dap Dap for all the great things happening there, but still working hard here and we are having some good success here as well.  we should be having a lot of baptisms coming up soon as we set a lot of people with dates this week.  My companion is really awesome and is super nice.  We get along pretty well except he pretty much wants nothing to do with sports.  I played ball with some young men from our branch this morning and he just watched because he is terrified of any type of ball.  (hope that doesn't include me as i am also a Ball).  But he is a great missionary and is actually quite happy that i am speaking tagalog haha because his last companion didn't even try.  

So as far as the tagalog goes, it is going really great.  Of course i can't be too confident in it though because as soon as i say i am really good at it, i will probably encounter something that proves me wrong.  But to give you an idea i am teaching in pretty much full tagalog.  If i ever don't know a vocabulary, i just ask my comp during the lesson or if it is a verb i taglish it which a lot of Filipinos do, which is taking the english root of the verb and adding the tagalog conjugation.  It is quite fun to "taglish." for example, if you wanted to say "the last thing we shared" you could say "ang huling shinare namin." Share with the "in" tagalog conjugation thrown in.  My verb vocab is really good but still trying to get the other vocab.  The members are pumped though that i am speaking tagalog haha.  Yesterday we went on splits and the two young men that came with me were super happy because they didn't ever have to translate like they did last transfer haha.  It was a lot of fun yesterday going on splits.  I will try to send some pics next week of the area and the people.  

Tell Michelle Dubois i think she is awesome and a real trooper.  She truly is an amazing person.  Sounds like Curry is tearing it up!! good thing he isn't a junk fellow;)  Dad don't worry i just laughed pretty hard at your humor that you displayed to Kasen.  I appreciate your humor;) i quite miss it actually!  BSU struggling sounds like.  
How are the grandparents doing? How is grandpa's health? i really miss that guy.  We sure had some good times together. i was thinking about him this week and hoping he is doing well.  Also grandma erickson too.  She healing up? Grandma Ball? She still sweet as ever? :)
Anyways love you guys! Hope all is well and enjoy life!
Elder Ball

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