Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 - DapDap & Moncada, Paniqui - Ayaw ko lumipad

Hey everyone!
First is a shoutout to the number one girl in my life, my mom! Happy Birthday last tuesday mom!! You are the best and sure did/do keep us boys alive.  Hope you enjoyed.  

So my heading means i don't want to transfer.  So basically....i got transferred.  I was absolutely heartbroken.  It tore me up.  I literally cried on Thursday leaving.  Because these four baptisms in Dap Dap all wanted me to baptize sad.  This might have been the hardest area to leave.  And also, Elder Neri was my favorite companion so far.

So i am now in a place called Moncada, Paniqui.  We are in a branch and a home group, so still no ward for me.  My companion is Elder Ordejan also from the Philippines. Very very nice guy and has been out about 11 months. 
Still not familiar with my area, but Tagalog is going really good.  I almost speak 100 percent Tagalog.  My comp and the people here are really pleasantly surprised.  I switched places with the elder who was previously here.  He was also from india from the other mission and he never spoke tagalog and is now in DapDap, and Elder Neri is struggling with him which makes me sad.  i am sooo devastated about being transferred.  I really miss the people there.  So that is about all i have to say this week about that stuff. 
In answer to questions...As far as the (Christmas) package...i will think about it this week and then let you know this week:)  The baptism with Romel went through and i heard it was really cool.  Will send you pics that elder neri sent me next week.  Filipinos go (on missions) here, the states, guam, australia and lots of places.  We went hiking today for p-day as a zone up a mountain it was kind of cool.  Got to see elder parks and elder porter as they are in my zone.  Yep got jerseys.  Quite a few of them.  So cheap here.  getting good amount of sleep and eating decent.  Just hot and draining.  Elder Basil didn't have to leave because he has indian family so he is an overseas citizen so no visa for him.  Lately i had been praying to stay in dap dap but now my prayers have gone back to asking for my visa.  haha.  

Thanks for the home update sounds great there!  Pretty cool about the handbook update.  I am sure the media is eating that up.  The Meridian temple looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful.  

So for me, basically new area, new companion, new feelings (a bit depressing haha) but doing good.  just adjusting to a new area and still waiting for the visa....
Love you guys!
Elder Ball
PS: sent lots of pics!

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