Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 26, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Hey everyone!
Another week has flown by! Crazy that i am now down to single digits left....what the heck??? So fast. Sometimes i think it is too fast. 

This week was pretty good.  We had a couple of really great work days but most of the days we got bunked pretty hard, but still managed to teach about 30 lessons so that was good.

I baptized sister Baby this week! That was great! She was so happy, and we asked her daughter Daisy to speak at her baptism and they both cried during her talk.  It was so great.  Baby is going to be a great member.  And Sandra is still doing amazing.  I confirmed her yesterday which was tough for me because i only did it in English, but during my blessing to her i felt like i should bless her with understanding just for this time and think she did.  I struggled to keep it together confirming her because i have become super close with her.  Which is kind of crazy because i never would have guessed that i would have got so close to her haha, she is awesome.  I really love Sandra.  So with a baptism and two confirmations this week it was pretty good.  And also Brian came to church and is doing really great as well as Romel.  He came as well.  He was sick the night before church so said he probably wouldn't be able to come, but we prayed real hard for him and he came and liked it and his interview for baptism is this week!! We are really going to have a big november with probably 4 baptisms!! Romel, Brian, Jadalyn and Jenni.  Super excited for that.  

Many of the members told me something this week that was kind of touching.  They told me they don't want to me to leave DapDap because ever since i came, something changed.  There started to be more baptisms, and now members are more excited about what is happening in the branch.  There was one elder who served here for a record 8 months, and these members are saying they want me to stay the whole rest of my mission haha.  Pretty crazy.  It is weird how they are liking me though because i don't even fluently speak their language.  But i still am trying.  And we are seeing lots of success, so we are super excited about that.

I'll send pics next week of Baby's baptism and also of our new meeting house!! Brand new meeting house and it is nice.  Much better than what we have now.  

So I am doing pretty well here, and sounds like you are doing great there!!! That is great.  Nice to read those letters from the ward.  And sounds like grandpa has quite the keeper of a horse.  

So yep still trying to stay focused here despite the india-trunkiness haha.  Gosh i miss that place.  But as long as i stay here in the Philippines, i want to stay in DapDap because we are getting it done here!! 

Anyways love you guys so much.  Thanks for the continued awesome support and love and have a great week again!
Elder Ball

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