Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 23, 2015 - Moncada, Paniqui Philippines

Hello everyone! This week went by kind of slow for some reason.  But it was still a pretty good week.  We have still been working with our investigators.

This week we found a new family that was really awesome.  It was kind of a miracle actually.  We went street contacting the other morning and found a potential so the other night we went to go a teach this contact, but for some reason we couldn't find/remember where his house was.  So we were returning to a different area, and on the way we just did some contacting again.  So here, you go up to the house and in a loud voice you say, "Tao po!" Which means, "people" haha. Like there are people outside basically. so we went up to this one house, did that and immediately this 24 and 21 year set of siblings let us in just because.  Normally people ask what we want or something, but they didn't ask any questions and just let us in.  So we sat down, got to know them and shared the Restoration, and they are awesome.  Hopefully they are as prepared by the Lord as we think they are haha.  But they seem great.

We have a couple of baptismal interviews this week for two of our investigators, so we are pretty excited about that and they are doing really well.  Another brother named JR is doing really well.  He is basically a member haha.  He comes to church every week and to all the activities and everyone knows him haha.  But he hasn't been baptized because he has had a problem with smoking, but now, he has quit! so awesome.  We have a couple other progressing investigators but those are the ones that are doing the best right now.  We teach lots of recent converts because there were a lot of baptisms here in this last year.  

One of the days this week the branch president asked me to come and help their "choir" to practice one of their songs.  so i was like leading and teaching all these people how to sing and how to arrange the song and stuff haha, it was kind of cool.  Different opportunity to serve i guess.  They tell me my voice is awesome, but i think is more like theirs just aren't very good haha.:)  

Thanks for the article mom, but it actually really bums me out!!! :( I know like all of those elders in the pics, and Elder Bunga is in one and Elder Chettimalla and dang it is a bummer i wasn't there!!!!!!!!  (Church News article and pictures of President Nelson's visit to India last month)  Apparently though president clark said there is some actual conversation going on right now between our representative and india's, so maybe the visa will come soon...? no clue haha.

Yes I am still keeping a journal.  Some weeks i am better than others but this week i did awesome;)  Awesome this week was...the new investigator family.  Disappointing was some of our progressing investigators didn't come to church:( and seeing that article mom;)  Funny was just being on splits with a couple of the young men yesterday.  They are awesome and pretty dang funny.  My comp is from somewhere in the Philippines;) haha middle section of the pines.  In common, we have not too much actually.  But we still get along quite well.  i guess one thing we have in common is we really like to get close to people and worry about them instead of worrying about the numbers we get each week.  I always found that to be much more successful when you go and do your best, you don't have to worry about the number of lessons taught as much as the number of people helped.

Dad, you are awesome, still got that missionary spirit:)  Goodness yes i am way behind on my sports knowledge.  I will get home and not recognize much huh? haha.  Oh well i will probably pick it up pretty fast.   As far as talks for you to read, i can't remember which session or the name of the talk but it was the one where President Monson really struggled to stay standing.  I just remember feeling the spirit so strongly during that talk, so i would recommend to read that.  And we are studying gratitude here in this mission so research some about gratitude.  I have loved reading about gratitude, and it has really changed a lot in me.  It is an awesome topic.  We could all use more of gratitude.  

Well Mahal Kita talaga! "I really love you guys"  
Elder Ball

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