Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Hey everyone!!
This week was a pretty average week.  A little bit of a struggle actually.  We weren't able to teach as many lessons as usual, and also we were expecting many investigators at church but only 5 came which i  guess still isn't bad but we were expecting like 17.  The Manipon's said they would come but didn't, so that was disappointing.  a sister named Julie and a new brother named Lawrence and sister Baby and Danica didn't come as well as Inggo so it was a little bit frustrating.

We are a little bit confused about the Manipon's.  They are still super nice and we think they believe what we are teaching and they immediately began following the word of wisdom and quit coffee as soon as we taught them, but they still are struggling with the idea of getting married.  Things like that are weird here because there is no such thing as divorce and it is super hard to explain.  We are really hoping we can figure out how to get them to exercise their faith.

As for Sandra, we moved her baptism date back to October 17th.  Only one problem is she drank this week, and technically she could still get baptized on the 17th but we aren't sure if she is ready, so we are really asking for some help from the Man Upstairs to know what to do.  But also one of her friends came.  Her name is Judai.  She is super crazy at times and never really sincerely listened to us, but this week she said she wants to be baptized so we will try to work out things with her as well.

Another brother we are teaching named Romel actually came too.  We told him that some members would come and pick him up in their trike, but when they went he wasn't there.  So we were quite disappointed because he seemed so sure he was going to come.  But as we were waiting for sacrament meeting to start, he walked in the door so it was awesome.

I think i know that sister that moved in.  Did they move in from a different ward in our stake because i know a kirkman girl that is serving in minnesota.  Not sure if she is the same or different.  Check if her name is Taylor.  If so, i know her.  Sounds like mom had quite the fun time.  But BYU didn't have much fun, haha.  That program is so weird. 

As for all your questions mom...Yep i got my package and it is great so thanks a lot!!! I didn't get the bday cards yet.  My tagalog is okay.  I can understand pretty well and slowly slowly learning more things to say in lessons and conversation.  Yes all meetings are in tagalog.  We don't speak much, but we teach priesthood sometimes.  General conference will happen the same as in india.  Not much sight seeing yet.  Not too much time to except for maybe next week we will go to some falls near our area.  Heard about Elder Scott.  Lots of turnover happening recently!!  Yep will pray for Michelle (Dubois) for sure.  Shout out to her for her amazingly positive attitude. She is a trooper it sounds like.  Great for Susan/fam as well!!

That's about it for the week!!  Love ya!
Elder Ball

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