Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Well this week was kind of a disappointing week overall, but i guess it is hard to compare any week to last week haha.  We only had 5 investigators come to church this week, which i guess i still actually pretty good, but when you compare it to last week it sucked! haha.  The Dela Cruz-Castro family didn't come and neither did the Manipon family.  Apparently the Dela Cruz-Castro family was only listening to us because they are super poor and thought we would give them money...but we are trying to mend our relationship with them and help them to know that we have something much more valuable to share with them than money. 

As for the Manipon family, they are actually doing really well.  They didn't come because sister Olive was sick, but they are getting more and more interested and i think very close to accepting a baptismal date.  Sister Sandra came again, but is still having a lot difficulties and trials in her life which causes her to resort to drinking.  It is kind of sad but we are really trying to help her. 

The best news of the week is that Inggo and Daisy came to church again and they passed their interviews this week, so we are going to be having a baptism this saturday!!!  Both of them are getting baptized.  It will be Elder Van Tassells first baptisms in seven months so he is super excited, and we are excited because this area has been the weirdest and maybe even the hardest that either of us has served in.  But we are super pumped for Saturday.

Still really missing india though.  I fasted for my visa yesterday and i am hoping God get my visa here this week as a birthday present.  haha i think that would be cool.  However, i am grateful for my experience in the philippines.  I discovered that the reason i came here was to learn how to better recognize and follow the spirit when i teach.  because in our little village area no one can understand English, and so in order to get them to feel good about what i say they have to feel the spirit.  so this last couple of weeks i have felt the spirit testifying a lot stronger through me and guiding what i say more and more.  I have been saying things in our lessons that i never thought of before and never would have thought of to say without the help of inspiration, so i am super grateful for that.  Now i just can't wait to get back to india and do the same but with the people who can actually understand English, haha.

So with the pics.  Well the pictures that are the same looking are after church after the branch conference.  But the other set of people is inside the meetinghouse at a branch home evening.  not sure if that helps haha.  Will send some more pics next week.  And no i haven't met Elder Ward or Armstrong yet.  

Thanks for sharing that experience Dad.  It is so true.  When we do things we don't want to do but know we should do, that is when the Lord pours out his blessings and knowledge upon us.  Sounds like some awesome counsel from some great leaders.  Thanks for the fast as well.  Can always use prayers and fasting in missionary work!! 

Love you guys so much! You are the best fam!!
Elder Ball

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