Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Well another week has come and gone, and it was a pretty normal week i would have to say...not too much new going on here.

Inggo and Daisy got confirmed this week so that was great.  They are really doing awesome and love the gospel and the church.  But what is even cooler is we have been teaching Inggo's wife, Baby, and she has been doing really well also.  she came to church again along with another daughter of theirs named Danica who is 12.  That has gone really well so far, and last night we invited her to be baptized also, and she committed to the 17th of October so maybe another baptism in that family!!!! That would be so dang awesome.  

We are still teaching the Manipon family, and Elder Van Tassell and I absolutely love them.  They still haven't committed to being baptized yet only because they aren't married and are waiting until Sister Olive's parents come back from the US which is probably in like 5 years.  So we have been trying to get them to know for sure that the church is true and to convince them they should get married and then get baptized as soon as possible and not "procrastinate."  So it has been a super long process and they still haven't committed, but they are super awesome because they are very real and sincere with us and ask lots of questions and are like the nicest people ever.  They even fed us once this week which was super surprising.  They are so nice.  They weren't able to come to church this week because Olive is pregnant and wasn't feeling well, so hopefully next week she will feel okay and come to church. 

We are teaching some other families and people but not too many progressing investigators.  Sandra is still doing well as far as her Word of Wisdom effort and she came to church again, but we had scheduled her interview for this upcoming Thursday.  we aren't sure if she will be ready by then, so we might have to move it back a week or two but we will see.

So some pretty good stuff going on here, but DapDap is a pretty crazy place haha.  Really weird but kind of cool though.  But i have been praying so hard to get back to India.  I miss it so much.  Like 5 visa waiters in the states got their visas this week, so not sure what that means for us as well.  I really hope it gets here by the end of this transfer.  As far as i know mine hasn't arrived yet so i have no clue who would have leaked info and if it is true then i would like to know myself because i have no clue...

And Dad, you never cease to inspire me!!!!:)  You'll do in a pinch.  You're a hall of fame Pa in my books.  Mom, you're pretty awesome as well.  Not sure exactly what us boys would do without a ballin mom like you.  Sounds like my little bro is a teenager yet...getting into mischief and what not hahaha.  

Well love you guys a ton! Please keep praying for my visa...i'm doing fine here, but there is just no place like home in India and i really miss it a lot.  
Love you!! 
Elder Ball

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