Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 14, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Hey you party people!!!!
That sounds like a dang awesome game (BYU vs BSU) and an awesome time!!!! That is so crazy.  Can't believe it.  Mangum must be a stud.  And mom you are super lucky that you get to go to michigan for that game! You are going to one of the largest sporting stadiums in the whole world and the largest football stadium.  The Big House is what they call it, and i will tell you it will be insane, but you will have a lot of fun for sure you lucky thing!  Cool that you guys also got to see Jim and Carolee.  How are they doing?? 

So our week this week wasn't too bad.  We tried really hard again, but not too much progress except we did have two baptisms!!! That was awesome.  Domingo (Inggo) and Daisy (his 18yr old daughter) both got baptized and they loved it.  Domingo when asked to give a testimony, he instead gave a prayer in Kapampangan haha. it was pretty cool though because he was super happy and cried, and it was kinda different seeing this emotionless guy cry tears of joy.  And Sister Daisy is so dang awesome.  Yesterday she worked with us and our BML, and when she gave her testimony and helped teach and stuff it was so awesome.  She is so solid.  So our baptisms went great.  We went to the Capas Ward building because obviously we don't have a font and those elders had a baptism also, so we had three convert baptisms between us two companionships.  It was great.  

As far as the other families....Manipon family is doing quite well.  They are very genuine and sincere and want to learn and are still contemplating baptism, so hopefully this week we can get them to recognize an answer and commit to a baptism date.  Oh and Domingo's wife came to the stake conference broadcast yesterday so she seems to be progressing also.  

However, as far as the other family, a huge disappointment.  They were only interested in us for our money, and we went to them yesterday and taught them from 3 Nephi 13:32-33 and told them that if they heed our message and follow the commandments they will be blessed with the things that they need.  at the end we asked the brother to pray but he walked out, said he was used to being poor and doesn't need any blessings.  Even though they spent the first 15 minutes of the appointment complaining to us about how they are poor.  Their situation is very difficult for sure, but i guess the best way to say this is that they aren't doing too much to help their situation, so we are very sad about this, but i guess just now isn't their time and hopefully in the future they will be ready.
We found a new sister named Vilma this week and she is great so far.  Very willing to learn and she loves "the Mormons," so she is committed to a date.
Sandra is doing so awesome right now.  She didn't drink this whole week, and she came to baptism service and is excited to be baptized on October 3.  That is if she doesn't drink between now and then so hopefully she stays strong.  

As far as our area, yeah it is pretty poor living conditions, but that is because we are in a tiny village.  It is interesting though about these people.  They obviously were not taught good money management and are pretty lazy, and it just makes me count my blessings about living in America, but India is poorer.  As far as Bangalore it was about the same in terms of living conditions except maybe a little better, but the conditions here are better than in Rajahmundry.  We live in a tiny house that kind of sucks but is better than most of the houses we teach at so that is a plus:) haha Yes there are about three times as many missionaries here than there are in India.  And no not a chance at all of going to the temple.  The missionaries in this mission get to go if their converts go.  So Elder Van Tassel may get to go.  And they get to go at the end of their mission, but i have no chance of going.

Yeah I am doing great but prayers always help.  I really want to get back to India but no word on visas yet. :(  Thanks for the package! :) It is here yes but it is with my zone leaders, and they are quite far.  We were going to get it today but don't think we will have time, so maybe later this week or next Monday.  Hopefully!  And i don't feel too much different actually (20yr bday on 9/13), but i guess it is super weird not being a teen anymore! 

Thanks for the quote Dad.  Sometimes when i feel like i have an impression i doubt it sometimes and think it was just a random thought, and this quote really helps me.  Thanks pa.
Love you guys so much! Keep partying there back home! 
Elder Ball

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