Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

Hey everyone!!!! A pretty interesting week this week as we had a lot going on.  Things are pretty crazy in DapDap.  Probably some of the weirdest things you can't really explain or understand unless you are actually here.  But other than that a pretty average week again.

We have been really focusing on Sandra and as far as desire and change she is super ready to be baptized on the 17th, but as far as knowledge goes she has a tough time remembering we are praying so hard for her and really hoping that she will be ready for her interview this upcoming week.  But the other day we were teaching her friend Jadalyn along side with her, and she committed to being baptized on the 21st of November.  another challenge to work with as far as her learning, but she seems very willing to change to follow Christ more in her life than she has before.

Felisa (Baby) Dela Cruz came to church which was good, so we just have to get her to come to general conference next week and she should get baptized on the 17th as well.  So pretty excited for her.  The Manipon's finally came to church! That was awesome.  They are still doing about the same though.  They love what we teach and believe, but just quite haven't worked up enough courage and faith to get married yet.  They are pretty scared of their parents as they don't want to offend them or make them angry. 

Other than that we didn't find many new investigators this week.  But we did find a new apartment which we will be moving into on October 15, so glad that pain in the neck is over.  And this upcoming week is transfer week.  It works differently here than in India.  Here, on Wednesday we will go to a zone meeting and get our transfer announcements as a zone.  Then the very next day, on Thursday, is the transfer so you are out of there quick.  So we don't know what is happening.  Elder Van Tassell has been here for four transfers, so he thinks he will leave.  I don't know how i can lead the area here though to be honest.  Like i know it super well and all the people and houses, but my tagalog is improving but still i can't lead out anything in terms of teaching, and so it will be really difficult if he does leave and i stay. 
Which is another thing...still no word on the visa...we asked President Clark this week, and he hasn't heard anything and said they have been "surprisingly quiet". the guy that works to get our visas is in Utah getting some medical procedure done, so we aren't sure what exactly that means.  So if i am going to be completely honest right now, it was a pretty tough week mentally for me.  I am quite discouraged about this visa thing.  I have learned a ton and have had a pretty great experience here, but i am super India home-sick.  Especially because normally indian missionaries who are in the 'pines at this time of year only spend max of 2 transfers here, but those who are here at the beginnings and endings of the year stay for a lot longer, and so i am super worried that if i don't get my visa soon, i might spend many more months, possibly up to like 7 more months is super discouraging...i mean i am fine in all and still doing the same missionary work and working hard and stuff, but i guess i am having like a missionary-mid-life-crisis kinda thing haha.  I really miss India.  I mean i was called to the India Bangalore mission...not this I don't know what else to say about it....

I think General Conference this upcoming week though will be a good energizer for me.  And mom in answer to your questions: We have eaten some good egg rolls lately and also some like rice-cake things.  But nothing like Indian food.  We mostly cook inside here.  Elder Van Tassell plans on going to SUU, but he doesn't know what he wants to do.  Lately i guess the tender mercies i have seen was probably last night.  yesterday was really hard mentally thinking about this upcoming week as transfer week and still not having my visa.  But last night there was a branch activity with some food and afterword, me and Elder Van Tassell went to Sandra's and just talked with her, and the kids played some games with us and danced for us, and it was just a really relaxing happy, fun end to the week. 

Other than that though not too much else...Glad you guys are doing great at home.:)
Love you!
Elder Ball

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