Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Hello my beloved family!!! You guys really are the best family anyone could have, and i really appreciate the support i receive from you.  Especially to you mom and dad.  I don't know where i would be or what i would be doing without you.  And also to my perfect brother who is my eternal mate.  Without him also i most definitely would be a "junk fellow" as they call it here in India;)  

Well me and my companion worked pretty hard this week trying to help our recent converts and less actives and also our investigators.  Again our main focus was on Sophia.  So we taught her three times this week and she read the book of mormon a couple times or at least tried, but she is having a very difficult time understanding it so we are really trying to help her with that.  But the main thing that happened this week was we spoke to her again regarding baptism...And she decided she wants to be baptized!!! So we committed her to being baptized on April 12!  But we really have to help her with one thing.  She is way way into her she is willing to come off of the coffee but it will be very difficult for her, so we are praying really hard that God will help her and also we decided to buy her this stuff called Boost which is a good substitute for coffee.  So we gave it to her to help her get off of coffee.  But we are really excited about her decision.  

We also found some more potentials this week, so next week we are planning on meeting them.  We also met Neeraja again, but we aren't totally sure about her willingness to learn more.  She said she was wanting to learn more but we will see.  We have an appointment with her today.  

We focused on recent converts and less actives as well as members again this week, and we had 17 recent converts and less actives come to church! Including one sister who we have been working with my whole time here so that was great.  We went on splits four of the days this week and that was pretty good.  I am getting quite good at riding my cycle in this crazy traffic haha   I am still dying of heat haha.  I am drinking lots of water which is keeping me hydrated, but i am soaked head to toe in sweat every single day.  And apparently it is going to get even more hot so not too excited about that.  

So yes we had a really good zone conference this week about focusing on the book of mormon more, and we got two new mission standards: Using the book of mormon in EVERY lesson we teach, and also the main one is not teaching people who are not reading the book of mormon.  So if an investigator is not reading, we need to drop them and not progress them until they read the book of mormon.  I think that is a good idea because the book of mormon is so important.  

So there is one elder in my district who was comparing his states mission he was visa waiting in to this one in india and said india is by far sooooooooooo much more difficult haha.  And i would agree this mission is very very difficult...but it is so awesome.  And is really pushing me and helping me to learn and grow so i am grateful for that.  
Sounds like my bro is getting extra smart!! Thats my man!  So next week i will upload more pics.  I didn't take too many this week.  I really need to take more pics now that you were complaining so much about it;) haha just kidding i need to take some more though so i will do that:)  
Man college bball sounds so great this does the nba...

You finally got iphones!??!?!?!?!?! What?! No you are just have to be.  Dad can't be too techy.  He is old skool.. and so cool:)  Wow well enjoy those!!!:) and yes keep one for me;) i sure would like to come home to one of those;)  If you are serious about actually getting iphones haha.  Not sure i completely believe you guys:)  

Well i am absolutely loving my mission.  It is so great.  And time is really flying.  Can't believe i am already at 8 months...flying so fast.  I am very settled here now but i am leaving to the philippines in 3.5 months!!! in three weeks my comp will probably be transferred, he should anyways haha.  

Well i love you guys so much.  
Until next week,
Elder Ball

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