Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Hello family!!!
Sorry about not being able to email you yesterday....i was feeling quite sick throughout the day yesterday, and i went to doctor today to see if anything in particular was wrong.  basically they said that everything was normal except that i have a UTI, which i already knew like four days back so i thought something else was also wrong.  I didn't know having a UTI could make someone have vomitings and loose motions and extreme body/bone pains.....Is that normal Dad? i trust your opinion more than this doctor's honestly, so if you could let me know that would be great.  I am feeling a little bit better this evening and hopefully should be able to resume my mish work tomorrow.

Anyways so it was another very hard working week for me and my awesome companion.  We are really doing our best to find and teach and reactivate and retain and all that stuff.  We are having a pretty difficult time still finding new investigators which is pretty frustrating, but we are still trying and hopefully this week we are able to meet some new people to teach.  

As far as Sophia goes, we were making some good progress this week with her until something very unfortunate happened...the other night, in the middle of the night, the family she was staying with just took her and dropped her off at her village and left her there, so we aren't sure when or if she will come back.  our branch president is trying really hard to bring her back and arrange for a member family to let her stay with them until she leaves for the US.  So on friday for our zone training, this was right when we found out she was gone, part of the training was about our accountability and whose fault it is for people not accepting or for missionaries not meeting their goals, and the zone leaders read us a scripture from john chapter 9 i think about it being nobody's fault.  God has a specific plan for everybody, and sometimes he allows things like this to happen so that we can learn in different ways.  This was a real comfort to me because i was quite discouraged about what happened. 

As far as Neeraja goes, we taught her again and when we taught her on Friday, she wouldn't even pray....so this week we must teach her about the importance of prayer again, and probably will have to postpone her baptism until April 19 so we will see how that goes.  As far as our progressing investigators it was a bit discouraging, but we did awesome with our recent converts and less actives and member lessons this week and had 20 rc/la's come to church so we were very pleased with that.  

So about conference, we don't get to watch til the week after.  Same as it was for me in Bangalore.  This upcoming weekend is our conference time so that should be good.  Sounds like another great one.  So in answer to the question from mom...the little miracles i think are a lot of times God keeping me safe on these streets in India with all of the crazy traffic, and also just how he helped me to love this country even though it is so different.  And other things like that.  Also even in times where it is easy to be discouraged because of failure, it is still so hard to not be happy knowing that i am doing the right thing.  
And about Robert William...of course i know him...he is President Berrett's first counselor and also he did Simmy's baptism interview for us haha.  Pretty cool about him becoming a general authority.  Also if you look at the october general conference ensign, look at the second quorum of seventies pictures and find Randy D Funk.  He was the mission president here right before President Berrett.  Haha Go India!!:)

Speaking of Go India, dad your mission country beat mine in the world cup semis and cricket and then eventually won the cup.  That is right, Australia won the world cup.  Kangas get the W.  Duke won?! Man!!! what happened to Kentucky?? anyways sounds exciting.  

Actually i do have one request...that i get some more daily contacts...if that is possible.  It is so dang hot here in rajahmundry so it is really frustrating wearing glasses because they just slide off my sweaty face anyways.  So if that is possible it is the only request i have.  :)

Well yes i am still loving my mission and having a great time and really enjoying teaching the gospel.  I also love you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week this week!
Elder Ball

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