Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Well me and my comp had another pretty good week this week.  We had some success with our teachings and had many of our recent converts and less actives come to church this week.  15 to be exact which is a pretty dang good number.

So the first thing to talk about is our main investigator Sophia.  So this week we invited her to be baptized, and we got the answer we pretty much always get at first. "No, because i have already been baptized..." I am so sick of hearing that answer haha but we actually just re-explained authority and also receiving the holy ghost after baptism, and she seemed to understand it pretty well actually.  So then last night we went on splits and i went with my favorite member named Chandra Shekar to the appointment, and we had a good lesson with her about the importance of baptism and found out that the reason she doesn't want to get baptized is because she is scared about getting baptized a second time.  So we decided to teach her again about the importance of authority and how if the first time no authority was there, baptism a second time by authority into Christ's true church is essential.   She seemed to be a lot more comfortable about it, and next time we teach her, we will find out what her decision is as we gave three different dates that she could choose from but told her we are not forcing her.  so i also asked her how she feels when we teach her and when she comes to church, and she said she feels very happy and feels joy and peace.  So i explained to her through the scriptures that God already has answered her and told her it is true.  She then admitted to us that she thought her answer would come by God actually literally speaking to her with his voice, so we cleared that with her and she is really progressing well.

With our former investigator, Vimala, we found out this week that she quit her job that required her to work on Sundays so that she could start coming to church again, so she said she will be attending church every week now onwards so we could be baptizing her next month.  That was quite the blessing.

So one day this week my companion and i spent an entire day just going to one area to door knock because many english speakers are in this place called Lala Cheruvu.  So we spent the whole day finding christian homes and knocking, and i don't think i have ever gotten rejected so much and so hard as we did that day haha.  Literally every door didn't think twice about saying they are not interested.  However, we called one who we met a previous day and he wants us to come this week, so we are really hoping that he is the one god prepared for us in that area because we strongly felt to go to that area but found absolutely nothing.  That evening on our way home, we had a thought that the reason we found nothing there was simple.  Only 3 members live in that area, and previous missionaries had to have been there before because there are english speakers, and there are 15 different churches just in one housing board area.  We decided that the reason we went there was to find out that that area is not ready yet and to focus elsewhere.  But maybe we will have that one family we called.  Really praying for that. 

Other than that not much to tell about this week, but it was a good week. So yeah i am getting a little bit better at cricket.  I actually love cricket now.  And India is in the semis in the world cup! SO awesome.  Very good team.  So one cool thing that we did this week we went to a place called a Daba to eat.  It is like a truck stop on the highways for the trucks travelling throughout the country and it is way cheap and actually really good food.  but is like a hut on the side of the road haha, but very tasty.  We ate there three times in two days!  So this week not many random or interesting things to tell.  It is still hot as heck, and i am sweating like crazy.  Still having a great time with my companion.  We really get along well. 

Very excited about March madness actually and the bracket i got!! Not going to lie it makes me a bit trunky;) haha  Sad about Uncle John, but yes he should be having very happy time with his family in the spirit world for sure.  Very quick the picture mom sent, why do i see the small red truck????????? Did you buy it back or what? very confused.  So yes i made it through jesus the christ a few months ago and it was awesome, so good but so long and deep haha.  And didn't ever get a response about the other book. 

Scripture: Alma 34.  Very powerful testimony but an exemplary missionary in the book of mormon.  Well another good week is gone and another hopefully ahead! Hope you also have a great week! Love you guys!
Love, Elder Ball

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