Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Hello everyone!!
Well this week was a pretty good week.  The work was very slow for a couple of reasons this week.  So so many appointments bunked on us this week.  So each day we only taught like one or two lessons.  Except for Sunday (yesterday) we took members on splits and accomplished 7 lessons! That is pretty insane for india.  haha.  It is so tough to get appointments here that actually follow through.  This week we did get to teach Gowtham and Chinna Babu again.  We taught them the Restoration and i was so excited about actually getting to teach that i didn't realize our appointment went for two hours!  They were very interested and loved our message.  The only disappointing thing about them was that sunday morning we called them reminding them about church and they assured us that they would be there.  However, they did not show up unfortunately.  Oh well, happens a lot.  I am really trying to figure out how to better help investigators understand the importance of attending our sacrament meeting. 

So other than them we are still trying to find more english speakers but our area is literally the hardest area to do that in.  Gowtham and Chinna Babu live in a very poor place that takes sooooo long to cycle to.  To get to our area, we cycle through and past 3rd, 2nd and the other 1st branch elders' areas just to get to ours.  And in all of those areas there are nice homes occaisionally and some english.  in our area, everyone lives in a cement box basically or a grass hut.  I think that is way cool.  I love going to those places.  The only thing is like none of them speak english.  So our efforts will continue but it will be difficult.  We are planning to go finding less active elders and prospective elders to try and find some english speakers.  Some of the members speak english but because of those missionaries that baptized all those people, the percentage is actually pretty low.  

We also began teaching a hindu sister who is the wife of a less active member.  She is only 17 and already has a baby. (very common here)..So we are also trying to continue to visit members because still many of them do not know that there is only one true church on the face of the earth. So we are going to reteach some members the restoration...

So random they have a bunch of different functions or parties.  Like they have "maturity functions" for girls.  You can probably figure out when they have those without me telling you haha.  It is so weird.  There are some more random things i thought of this week but i forgot now so i will write them down when i remember and i will tell you next week:)  So many weird random things haha.  I guess one thing is also that indians have like no sense of time haha.  They are like always late to everything.  So when people say what time something will start or when they will be somewhere, we ask if it is in Indian Standard Time haha.  it is funny but drives me nuts sometimes haha.  I did leave my small suitcase behind in bangalore at the mission home with some other stuff that i will bring home.  And about the smells, mom are you serious? I can't really smell remember? I really can't smell much here at all.  Although most americans tell me about the smell changing every 100 feet and all the bad smells haha.  

Transfer calls are also today so we will see what will happen with me and companion. We are expecting him to get transferred because he has been in this same zone for 10.5 months....

Sounds like the stake conference was really good!  That's awesome!! 
BYU actually won a big game!?!?!?!? no way. haha and that is great about BSU! Go Broncos.  State bball this upcoming weekend huh? Dang that might make me a lil' trunky thinking about ;) haha just kidding.  Should be interesting.  My bet is on Highland.  And sure Dad i will see what i can find out about that service stuff you want to do.  That would be very cool if you came here to do that the week before i go home.  And about the pictures, none will come this week unfortunately because another elder has the card reader but next week for sure i will try again and maybe i will ask one of the tech savvy elders to come along with me and try to help me figure it out!

Scripture: D&C 18:10-20
Well on to another month.  Crazy.  It has already been 7 months now.  4.5 months and i am off to the Philippines which is so weird...  But anyways i will talk to you all next week! 
Elder Bunthi (means ball in telugu)

PS.  Still learning more telugu.  I can have a very non intellectual conversation about how they are, where they live and if they had their lunch haha.

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