Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Hello family!
Another week come and gone, and honestly this week was pretty lame.  nothing really happened this week at all.  We taught lots of members this week and most of them with one sister.  Her name is Pushpalatha Polimati.  She has been a member for a while but was pretty much baptized without any knowledge about anything.  She had never even heard of Joseph Smith before.  Anyways so she basically had been coming to church every week but also attended services and prayer meetings of multiple other churches and she kept getting doubts.  So we taught her the Restoration and now she doesn't attend those other meetings anymore so that was a success.  Other than that we didn't teach very many people this week. 

Pretty much none of our investigators gave us appointments and when they did, they would just bunk or postpone and then postpone next time as well.  We were very frustrated this week.  Plus my companion is also pretty frustrated because he has been in Rajahmundry for over 10 months now and still has not gotten transferred.  He also did not get a transfer call last week so will be here for the entire first year of his mission.  So we are still together for another transfer.  He is a very cool guy from Hyderabad, 26 years old.  We get along really well although sometimes there are a few things that make me tick but i guess that will happen with everyone.  
No Neeraja who was our baptism date has not been giving us appointments, so this week we are going to just surprise visit her.  Also with Gowtham and Chinna Babu because they told us that they were coming to church this week but once again did not follow through with that, so we are going to be very straight with them as well.  

So in answer to the questions, testimony meetings happen in Telugu so i have no idea what is being said.  Singing is worse than before.  Our PEC meeting was quite frustrating this week as well.  our Branch Presidency was just saying some stuff that was very frustrating and non-productive and let's just say they have a long ways to grow.  So we are planning to meet with the Branch President this week and talk to him about a few things and see how we can help them better.  They just don't really know how to hold meetings and what should be said and not said.  

What was also frustrating about this week was the fact that Elder Bandi called me this week and told me how ever since i left, with his new comp, Lingarajapuram is basically in shambles.  Elder Bandi is having health problems, and his comp has offended members, investigators, basically told people in the branch that Elder Ball is a junk missionary (even though this guy doesn't even know me and has been out for less time than me).  Bandi told President everything, so Bandi is getting a new companion so hopefully they can fix things there.  It was just so frustrating and really made me want to go back there (i never thought i would say that).  Anyways we do ride cycles and they are absolute junk haha but oh well.  The traffic is not nearly as bad as Bangalore.  Cycling to our area is so far away and uphill the whole way haha.  Ice cream is okay, nothing special.

Well anyways that is about it for my week.  I know it sounded like a bad week, and honestly it kind of was but no need to worry.  It is hard to stay down for too long while being on a mission.  We will just have to have a bounce back week.  i am praying really hard right now though for strength to make it through the rest of this next transfer because i am probably getting an American companion next transfer which is really needed for me right now because i am tired of teaching in Telugu! haha. 

Well i love all of you guys! Still trying to fix the picture stuff but for some reason it isn't happening...might have to go to a member's house who has a laptop and try inserting my card into there.  i don't know.  Very very very sorry about the no pics for a long time.  

Well i will talk to you again next week! Love you!
Love Elder Ball

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