Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Well first things first!!!! Happy Birthday to my POPS!!!!!!!!!!!! What an old man;) haha. Hope you enjoy your birthday Dad.

Well this week was a pretty decent week.  I wouldn't say it was a great week because there is still so much telugu.  However, that aspect did improve.  So on wednesday we had interviews with mission president and i just talked to him and told him about my frustration with so much telugu and he reemphasized that we should only be teaching in english unless there is a part-member family that needs to be taught in telugu.  He did say however, that we should not do those too often because if my companion gets transferred and i get a non-telugu speaker next then we won't have anyone to teach so he gave me a couple suggestions on how to improve our pool of english speakers.  And that same day when we went out we found a couple english speakers that are now potential investigators.  

This week we did teach two guys that speak some english.  One named Gowtham and other named Chinna Babu (which means small boy in Telugu haha).  They are both college aged and were very interested in our message and we have another appointment with them on Tuesday.  Hopefully we can also continue to find more english speakers this week.  

This week we also taught a sister named Vimala and she is very interested in our message.  Whenever we teach her and then she says the closing prayer, my comp tells me after that she was saying how grateful she is to have us share this with her and that she loves what we share and she has never heard anything like this before.  We committed her to be baptized but she didn't show up to church this week because she had some family function which was very unfortunate for us.  Also we were very disappointed when Johnson Raj and Suresh didnt come either.  Johnson Raj is really doing well and learning and doing well with his word of wisdom problem.  Just didn't come to church...But suresh on the other hand, isn't actually progressing that well.  

We ended up dropping joshua and shirley because they aren't progressing because of their mother.  If they didn't have the mother interfering, they would be baptized for sure.  So i think with them we will just give them some space for a while and try again later.  

Uplifting this week was probably my first lesson i taught in english without it being translated in Rajahmundry.  My first one here.  That was pretty great.  Nothing new to eat.  Just still really good food.  They don't really eat anything weird.  And mango season is coming up soon so i am excited for that.  Speaking of is so dang hot and humid here.  I feel like i am going to die here because it is so hot and humid.  As soon as you step outside there is sweat dribbling down my face! So dang hot here...that will be very hard for me also.  I haven't really found new favorite people here because most people just speak i will try and find some haha.  On Pdays we normally go out to eat and then go play volleyball or basketball on the court right behind our apartment.  I could be playing every morning but the ball we have gets flat in one day so it is only good for one day without having to pump it up every single day.  So i might buy a new ball.  I don't play piano because they have someone who does.  They play so terribly and wrong, and the British elder in my apartment teaches sometimes.  I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting because two of the assigned speakers didn't show up to church (a very usual thing to happen).  

So anyways, very surprising sports update Pa!!! Oh my.  So many trades.  Man state is coming up as well!! Make sure to watch a lot of games for me:)  So this week was pretty good for me.  Still trying to adjust to the telugu and heat.  But still life is always good as a missionary!

Scriptures: 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John.  I know it is a lot and long but i didn't give any last two weeks and these are worth it:)  Well Dad have a great birthday and family, have a great week! Love you all!
Elder Ballu

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