Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 - Bengaluru, Whitefield

Well another week gone.  4 to go........not that i am counting or trunky or anything....hahaha.  No honestly a little trunky but not letting it get in the way of our work! haha!   So this week was a pretty good one.  We were super busy with transition this week and also traveled this weekend to Coimbatore, so we weren't working as much as normal but we still did pretty good this week!!

We taught a decent amount of lessons but the best thing was Babitha and Helen got confirmed.  And also we are still teaching Sailakshmi.  She is GOLD.  We set her with a baptism date this week for July 24 and she accepted.  We were going to set Muthulakshmi as well with the 24th but didn't get the chance, so that will have to wait until this week..

So anyway it was super sad to see President Berrett leave.  And it is super different with the new president.  I miss President Berrett so much!! That guy is a huge part of my life now....But i guess life comes with change.  Hopefully i can adjust to the style of the new one.  He has really great excitement for the work and is really loving toward the missionaries which is great.  Yeah we didn't really get exit interviews because we were pretty much with him a lot before he left so that was basically it.  But other than that not much to tell about this week.

I guess mom to answer your question (re: a good friend struggling with cancer)....The atonement in relation to physical challenges is quite interesting in my opinion.  Most of us will think that the atonement will just "heal" us.  And in cases such as emotional and spiritual and anything really, the atonement doesn't always just "heal."  The atonement i have found can heal us for sure, no doubt, but many times it is simply there to give us added strength to "bear up our burdens with ease." If you read in Alma 7:11-14 or so, it really describes it well.  It basically says that he suffered so that he knows how to "succor" us.  Succor doesn't always mean heal or fix the problem.  It is like great assistance.  I found that a lot.  Many times we want out of our problems but the Atonement often helps to build ourselves stronger.  Often the power of it is called "enabling" power right? That's just it.  It enables US.  It gives us the strength and courage to overcome or endure.  Not sure if that helps or not.  

But anyway we will continue to help the new president get around and adjust to the culture and stuff like that so should be interesting!

Love you guys!!!
Elder Ball

Lunch at Absolute Barbecue (all you can eat buffet) with the zone leaders and Raj Kumar 
Prize from Bro/Sis Grundy for having the cleanest apartment in the zone at inspections...India's best soda, Thums Up.

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