Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 - Bengaluru, Whitefield

Hello fam!!! 
Elder Thompson and I had a pretty darn good week.  It was pretty stressful and really busy but turned out great.  

The new missionaries came in so we met all of them, and all of the Americans are like super shocked haha.  Yep it really reminds me how in awe and shock i was and how it took a little bit to adjust. But they all seem to be really good Elders so should be exciting.  But i won't really get to know them that well in 5 weeks.  

Anyway this week we worked with our current investigators, and on Saturday we had Raj Kumar's baptism!!! He was super happy and excited and really has grown a lot.  He was also confirmed yesterday so he is all set.  Great guy.  We also baptized Babitha and Helen on Sunday.  I baptized Babitha, and the Stake President baptized Helen because he is her relative.  It was a good time and so happy.  Helen was happy, and when Preethi introduced Babitha to the members at the service, she and Babitha both were in tears.  They were very happy.  Especially Preethi because she got to see her mother get baptized.  Families can be forever!!!!!

So other than that, we had a small fear this week that we wouldn't have anyone to teach after these baptisms, but we got a referral from a member this week.  They are a family of three...Mom, Dad, and 1 year old boy.  Awesome family so they will be really good potential.  And then yesterday another baptism basically dropped out of the sky!!! There is a member couple who has a relative staying with them who recently came here, and she is Hindu background but is really interested in learning and boy is she golden.  Awesome understanding, and she has come to church a couple of times already.  So looks like July could see a couple baptisms as well.  We are planning on Muthulakshmi, and this new sister Sailakshmi for sure and maybe even that new couple as well.  Last night we taught another investigator we have and had a good lesson with her, so she will be potential as well.  She will take some time, but we think she could get there as well for August or thereabouts. 

Thank you so much for your prayers for our investigators.  The work has really been great lately, and the members are really starting to love us i think, I hope haha.  Well this week we will welcome the new President.  So sad to see President Berrett leaving on Thursday, so will have to try and spend a little time with him these last couple days.  

Well onto another week.  Time winding down.  Last minutes of the 4th.  
Elder Ball

Assume this is at a Whitefield Ward open house for the Berrett's before they leave Bengaluru.
Elder Ball, Raj Kumar, Elder Thompson
With Raj Kumar and the Grundy's

Elder Ball, Babitha, Helen, President Nithya, Elder Thompson
Elder Thompson said they were on speaker phone with President Berrett discussing transfers.

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