Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 - Bengaluru, Whitefield

Hey everyone!!
Elder Thompson and I had a pretty good week this week in our area.  We taught our normal people.  Sailakshmi is doing really good.  She is awesome.  She always reads from the book of mormon and comes to church and is learning so well.  She takes notes on what she reads and so when we teach her she connects what we are teaching to some verses she has read.  Pretty great right??   

Muthulakshmi is doing okay.  She is coming to church and reading but it has been tough to meet with her since she doesn't speak english, so we are trying to take elders that know the language and they have been busy lately.  But she is still going strong.  Hopefully we get these two baptized before i head out of here!!

We found three new investigators this week.  All YSA brothers.  Naveen, Jerry, and Apsalom.  They are all christian brothers who have walked into our church before on sundays, and Naveen and Apsalom are really good.  They are solid August baptism prospects.  We also went door knocking again one evening this week, and we found a potential family who asked us a lot of really good genuine questions.  We're not sure how interested they really are, but we will see soon i guess.

So this week we traveled with president to Hyderabad, so that was good.  I haven't been there in like a year, so it was good to get back there before i left.  We are going to Rajahmundry again.  Goa is struggling.  That area is super difficult.  They should be having a baptism though on the 31st so that is good.  Probably won't keep missionaries there.  

It's super weird that a bunch of my batch is home now.  We left on the same day, and they are home two weeks before hard not to be trunky with that happening!!! haha.  But we are pushing along here and getting some work done.  So looking forward to another week.  We are starting to get fed by members now as they are realizing i am leaving soon haha.  Raj Kumar is doing awesome though by the way.  We used him in a lesson this week and it was super.  He really has a bright future.  
Anyways again not much to say this week.  Hope you have a good week! 

Elder Ball
From Matt Fisher who said they took Elders Ball/Thompson
to dinner at the BBQ place with Raj Kumar. 

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