Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 - Bengaluru, Whitefield

Hello fam!!! 
This week was kind of disappointing, but i guess i can't confidently say that because we actually taught a great amount of lessons and saw some decent progress with a couple people. 

On Thursday we taught Sailakshmi with the Bishop, and she told us her parents aren't supporting her so she can't get baptized yet....So this is a huge issue in India.  She is 24 and living away from her family.  She is an adult and can make her own decisions...but it's so traditional here and this is how it normally is that even the adults need permission.  But anyway, she actually told us yesterday when we taught her that we can plan for next week baptism!!  We have been really praying for her parents' hearts to soften and it is working.  So if you could please do the same that would be awesome.  But it would be way cool if i could finish off my last week on my mission with a baptism!! But she is still awesome.  

Raj Kumar got the priesthood this week and he is super pumped.  Apsalom is doing well and we taught him this week.  We also taught a new guy named Aju Thomas.  Muthulakshmi is good but she won't get baptized until that's kind of unfortunate, but i guess it doesn't really matter when she does as long as she does.  And she will.

Other than that we saw some great success in getting the less actives we have been working with to church this week!! We worked pretty hard this week with the less actives since most of our investigator lessons bunked on us.  So for my last week we are still planning on hitting it hard:) But i have quite a few members inviting me to eat at their home so we are going to juggle that:)  I am going to try to get back to Lingarajapuram but not sure if i will have time:( 

Anyway i will have one more p-day, so next week i will shoot you just a quick email so this is pretty much our last email!!!.....what???? Where did the time go??? But i am ready to be home now.  Ready to move on.  I learned so much on my mission and really changed a lot.  Thanks for setting up that appointment with the stake president.:) Looks like dinner and then meeting the president on that night right???;) 

Some sad news this week huh??? That's a bummer.  Will really miss Michelle.....
Glad you liked that song dad...;) sorry i didn't play it very well.  It's been a while since i have played that song!! But this guy we were staying with in Goa was playing it. so i hopped on and gave it a try:) 

It truly has been a wonderful mission and been a great ride!!!! Thanks so much for your love, support and prayers....Love you guys so much!!
Elder Ball

Batch mates finishing together!
Zone Conference in RJY 2015 (above) BLR below

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