Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016 - Bengaluru, Whitefield

Hey fam!
This week was a pretty good one.  It started off a little bit slow, but then got really busy and we had some really good successes.  

This week Sindhu and Swathi got confirmed, and our investigators came to church again so this upcoming weekend we will be having three baptisms!!!! The ward is pretty excited about that haha, but not sure who is more excited, them or us.  All of them are doing pretty well.  Again our less actives we have been working with came to church, so that was cool too.  We also began teaching a sister this week who is really good will probably if not definitely get baptized in July.  

But we are still trying to find people, because once all of our investigators are baptized we won't have much to do.....So as of now it is a good problem to have because almost 100% of our teaching pool is getting baptized, but after their baptisms then it will be a not good problem haha.  But we will see what we can do.

So President and Sister Berrett's days are winding down...only 9 more for them.  It will be really sad to see them leave.  I really love them so much.  They are the best.  But it will be exciting i guess to meet the new president and get to know him.  So yes this week is transfer week, and of course me and my boy Elder Thompson are staying together for my last 6 weeks.  Crazy that this is my last transfer and i am using my last daily planner on the mish.  

Mom as for your question about the members, there are a few that are endowed but not a ton.  I think there are more in Bangalore than anywhere else but not sure.  They go to Hong Kong.  That is the nearest temple.  And yep my last day is a regular transfer day.  This transfer we are getting 4 elders from the pines and 7 new ones, so we will be busy with that stuff this week.  And almost all of our batchmates will be going together.  One of them goes home tomorrow so one transfer early, but pretty much the rest will all be together.   

Anyways sorry about not much to say again.....running out of things to say!! haha
But last thing is HAPPY FATHER's DAY to my mate and pa!!
Love you!
Elder Ball

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