Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 - Bengaluru, Whitefield

Hello everyone!!!!
This week was actually a pretty good week for Elder Thompson and I.  We are still moving along and have quite a bit of good things going on in our area.  A lot of the people we are working with came to church!! This week was a really good success.

First off, a less active brother named Moses that we have been working with FINALLY came to church.  He was really happy and he brought his whole family so it was great.  He is a way cool guy and has become a really good friend of ours.  Another less active sister named Dheena came again and another sister named Sowbagya.  It was really great to see some of these "lost sheep" beginning to come back and partake of the sacrament and the blessings of the gospel once again.  

Raj Kumar is progressing soooo well.  He is really close to getting baptized and is really getting into the YSA things now like Saturday night cricket, and next week they are going to Mysore for an activity.  He is really excited, and in his prayers says he is planning to get baptized.  Helen is also doing well.  Babitha came again is doing nicely and we set her with a date for the 25th of she, Helen and Raj Kumar are planned all for next week on Saturday!!! So we could tack on 3 more baptisms this month!! Pray for these people so that they all can make to that date!!:)

The best thing was about Sindhu and Swathi.  On Tuesday it wasn't looking so good for them.  The father was still being flaky, and so we were losing hope that this week they would get baptized.  We continued to plan with faith that some miracle would happen and we prayed so hard for them this week.  When Friday came, still didn't look good, then Saturday came still not good.  But Saturday evening we saw them and they said their father is giving permission!! So we took a member and got all the paper work done and we baptized them!!!!!!!!!!! It was so good and an amazing service.  All the young women got up and recited the young women theme for them and welcomed them.  It was a super amazing baptism.  I will send pics:) Their father is in a pink colored shirt.  Babitha, is in the Saree and Sindhu is the thinner of the two.  Really great miracle this week.

So that is about it for our week.  It turned out really well and it looks like in about 12 days we could be having 3 more baptisms!!! So this week hopefully we can find a new family or two to refill our teaching pool!:)

Sounds like you all are doing well also! Love you guys a ton!!
Elder Ball

Swathi and Sindhu's baptism!
Elder Ball. Swathi, S/S dad, Sindhu, Elder Thompson
Elder Ball, Sister Babitha, Sister Preethi, Swathi, S/S dad, Sindhu, Elder Thompson
The exquisite cuisine at Shreedevi (Meals)

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