Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 12, 2015 - DapDap, Angeles, Philippines

This week went by kind of slow because we literally traveled out of our area every day this week.  On Tuesday we had to go pick up an elder in our district because his comp was waiting for a month here for his australian visa, and he got it so he left before the transfer so tuesday and wednesday we were in a tri.  Then thursday was transfer day, and i got a new companion.  His name is Elder Neri.  He is Filipino and has been out only like 6 months or so.  He is a pretty nice/cool guy.  A little bit quiet in the lessons but hopefully he opens up a little bit, because i really need him haha.  He loves basketball though which is pretty awesome.  So it has been quite the interesting week.  Work was pretty slow this week because of the lack of time.  Also had zone interviews and paperwork to do for my Philippines visa on Friday.  

However, Sandra had her interview on Sunday and passed so that was awesome!! We were a little bit worried because of her lack of memory haha, but she did great and is going to get baptized on Saturday and asked me to baptize her.  So just for her i am going to memorize the baptism prayer in Tagalog so she can understand it.  I have been doing a lot better at Tagalog lately.  In fact, i have had some pretty long conversations and also taught most of a basic lesson in Tagalog, so i am still working on it.  But i do really need Elder Neri's help, so hopefully he opens up a little bit during the lessons.  Next week is Baby's interview so hopefully she will be ready for that.  We had to move her back a week because she wasn't able to come to conference this week.  But we should be having baptisms back to back weeks, so that is pretty cool especially for this area which has struggled for quite a while.  
So yeah I did at least want to stay until she (Sandra) is baptized so I hope my visa waits until next week but after that I will welcome it with open arms :)  And yeah it has still been a little bit of a struggle still not having my visa, but i really am trying to be positive and work through it.  At times the want to be back really sets in, and it is a little bit sad but most of the time i try and find out why God has me here.  

Conference was great.  Except we didn't get to watch the Saturday afternoon session, so i was really bummed about that.  The power went out where we were watching, and we didn't have the time to wait four hours for it to start back up again so we weren't able to watch it.  But i loved President Monson's talk.  The one where he REALLY struggled.  It was kind of sad to see but also a little bit impressive.  He is something else.  Awesome prophet and that was a great talk.  Also Eyring's about the Spirit and Haynie's about Repentance, and Durrant's about Ponderizing and always great talks full way through.  Different themes this time.  Seemed like personal faith and also being righteous even in a world of increasing wickedness so setting apart ourselves from the world.  

Moms Qs: We didn't move yet.  This week we are moving because our current one is terrible. haha.  the new apartment is much better and brand new so we will be the first ever to live in it.  Yep same lady does the clothes.  Still bucket showers but the new place will have a shower head, but there is no such thing as hot showers here.  Best thing this week was Sandra passing her interview.  Spiritual was definitely conference.  New comp speaks okay english but am used to it because of india.  Yes I got the bday letter from gma and gpa Erickson and also from gma Ball.  tell them hi and thanks :) 

So yeah still some struggles but trying to stay strong and happy and positive.  Really will need the Lord's assistance though leading this area, because it is pretty hard as it is, not being fluent in Tagalog, and on top of that the mental stress of not know where i could be in a week or in 6 months.  I sure have had quite the unique experience on my mission...

Well i love you and thanks for all of your non-stop support!
Elder Ball

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