Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015 - Bangalore, Lingarajapuram

Hey family!!!
Well first things first i do need to tell you where i am.  So last Monday, right after emailing you, i spoke with President Berrett and he ET'd me to Lingarajapuram (emergency transfer), which means i have been here this whole week and will finish the transfer here also.  So i only spent like half a transfer in convent road and now spending the second half in Linga. 

So this week has been quite interesting because my companion here is a good guy, but he is about to go home and knows very little about the area even though he has been here almost three months.  So he is a great guy, but it is difficult being his companion.  But i will only be here one more week.  Speaking of which i still have no clue where i will be going!!!!!!!! It is driving me insane!!! Hopefully i find out today because today is transfer calls, so my companion will be getting a new comp next week, but hopefully the calls also include where we are going to be for the next while.  i have just been really trying to work hard to keep my mind off it.  My companion has had a reputation of not wanting to do anything, but i have been working him pretty hard here in Linga, trying to prepare him for next transfer and trying to resurrect this area because it is in shambles.  The sacrament meeting attendance is significantly down, and the branch seems to have lost faith in those missionaries.  However, since i have been here, they have really been asking me what help i need and telling me how grateful they are to have me back.  And during PEC yesterday, they were speaking to me the whole time, and even the branch president said that when he saw that i was back in this branch that "our branch will have another baptism for sure." I thought that was kind of funny because i will be leaving after this week, so the baptism won't happen while i am here but we are setting up some nice baptisms for the future if this Elder actually does work his last transfer.  

Anyways so this week we found a few new investigators.  We went to visit a less active Chantee, and she introduced us to her friends Kim and Ricky, so we taught them and will go back again this week to teach them again.  I also talked to a guy named Bablu on the bus and asked if we could come teach him, and he said sure so we went on Saturday and taught him the Plan of Salvation and are going again this Thursday, so we will see where that goes.  We also taught a guy named Mohit and he was interesting because he is pretty much waist deep in anti-mormon material with all the questions he had for us, so that was frustrating.  We are planning to go try and teach him one more time, but if he just continues with all the doubts and anti-mormon questions, we will just drop him pretty fast.  We also did get some good referrals this week.  Apparently not many referrals had been given to these elders, but this week the branch president came up to me gave me a part member family to go visit, and also the Elders Quorum President gave us a referral of a family of 6 which will be awesome.  We also had a walk-in at church yesterday and that is a family of about four, so on Tuesday we will be going to teach them and they seem pretty solid.  

We have been teaching this sister named Anjeli and her family and they have been quite difficult.  So we asked President Berrett to come and help us with one appointment, and it went really well.  President Berrett is so awesome.  Easily the best mission president in the world.  Love him.  He is an amazing teacher.  I thought i was improving on my skills, and then President Berrett comes and makes me feel like i have no clue what i am doing haha.  But it was really good.  We committed them to read the Book of Mormon every day this week and then we will see if they kept their commitment.  If not, then we will drop them. 

We also taught Joel again this week and had a really good lesson about the plan of salvation.  We asked him to be baptized and he said yes but then didn't show up to church the next day, and we weren't able to get ahold of him that day so not sure what happened.  Other than that, i have had so many food appointments it is insane.  I felt so bloated this week and have a bunch more dinner and food appointments this week.  All the members are asking me to come and eat before i leave, but i am not having time for all of them haha.  so that is pretty good.  Don't have to worry about if i am eating good;)

Highs from the week were getting fed and teaching many good lessons and also playing basketball again with the African guys.  Lows were probably just the frustration with all the uncertainty of my next destination and also the small frustrations with the companion.  

And Pa, i love those pics! especially seeing your super tan skin;) haha I bet that pool is a lot of fun!! Sounds like the family is doing good! And also, the NBA is going nuts!!! Crazy!  But i love you guys a lot!! Hope your week is great!  And also tell Ty that he is the man, I miss him like crazy and that he is my best friend:)
Love, Elder Ball
PS: pray that i find out soon where i am going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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