Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 13, 2015 - Bangalore, Lingarajapuram

Hey family!!!
Well fairly early this week my anxiety wanting to know where i will be going was relieved! I am going to the Philippines Angeles mission and i actually leave in about 12 crazy!!!! A couple things i heard about that place is there is a good mixture of big city (more developed than India) and absolute village and rice fields.  So that should be interesting.  Also, most people there speak some english but the overall language is Tagalog.  So it will interesting to see how much of that language i pick up while i am there.  Also, Filipino people are nuts about basketball which should be dang awesome.  So i am pretty excited to see a totally new place but at the same time, i am nervous as heck.  I am getting those same nerves that you get right before you leave on your mission because you don't know what to expect.  And even though i am full into missionary life and have been out about a year, i am still super nervous because it will be a completely new life and culture and it will cool/crazy/challenging.  So next time i email you, i will be in a completely different country:)

So basically as far as this week goes, it consisted of mainly two things: 1. bunks 2. food.  Sooooooo many people bunked appointments this week which was a huge disappointment but we had some really good lessons with Joel.  Joel even came to church and so he and the branch are really excited to have another baptism.  Their first since i left.  We also had an investigator named Mahesh come to church.  A couple of the pictures i uploaded included both of those guys.  Joel is the african who is not John:) and then Brother Louis the BML is in one of the photos and also my companion Elder Sharma, and Mahesh is the little short guy.  So Mahesh is really good.  He is the friend of a family in our Branch.  So he is doing well.  But this week we got fed so many times.  So many members wanted to feed me before i left that a few of them didn't even get the chance because we were booked with so many food appointments.  Some days had both lunch and dinner. 
The africans fed me their african food which consists of fried bananas and egg and ketchup, it is a bit different but pretty good actually.  So we had a good time getting fed and meeting our investigators but other than that, that is about it for the week.  This companionship has been frustrating, but now i will be off to the peens and meeting new people and learning new things, and i guess pretty much getting a fresh start for my second year of my mission.  

So i bet you enjoyed talking to the other india missionary parents!!! Sounds like some fun things are going on back home!! Mom, you rock for always doing that angelman party.  Sounds pretty funny about Kyler wanting Ty's attention.  Those two are good friends!! I love the pics! So adorable! (of Tyler/Kyler)  Well sorry for the short email.  Not a ton went on this week but next week you should get quite the email as i will have to tell you about the Philippines!!!
Love you!!
Elder Ball

Elder Ball and John

John, Manesh, Elder Ball, Joel
Brother Louis, Elder Ball, Elder Sharma

Dinner with African friends

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