Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015 - Bangalore, Convent Road & Linga

Hey everyone!
This was a REALLY weird week this week.  We had a training from President Berrett about planning and that was good, as we learned some great things about how to plan better. We also began teaching this brother named Arish and we committed him to be baptized next week.  We aren't sure if he will be ready by then, but I don't know if i will find out yes or no.

So the reason for that is the weird part.  I have actually been in Lingarajapuram since Thursday.  The elders there weren't getting anything done and got in a pretty big fight so i was sent there to try to help the area pick back up and to separate those guys.  So since Thursday i have been trying to help this Elder here learn the area and also see some members and investigators homes...but the even weirder thing is i might not go back to Convent Road.  I might stay here for my last two weeks before i leave.  And speaking of that issue, we still have no clue where we are going.  It is pretty much driving us (the missionaries who are waiting to find out their fate), and President Berrett, insane.  So i am still waiting to find out. 

But basically this week i got many food appointments and saw many more of my old friends.  I saw John again and i found out that him, Simmy and Claude all received the Melchizedek Priesthood a week or two ago.  And yeah i saw Frank which was pretty great!! Love that guy.  On Saturday i actually went and played ball for a little bit with a bunch of African buddies of mine, haha.  It was pretty fun but they all acted like a bunch of Elder's Quorum has-beens if you know what i mean;) They were calling stupid stuff and being babies and arguing with each other the whole time, so i was just trying to lighten things up all the time and be cool with everybody.  It was a good time and they were surprised a white boy could play.  Even though i kind of suck now...haha.  

Not much to update on this week because it was such a weird week, but in Linga we did find a new African investigator named Joel and he is awesome.  We taught him the Restoration yesterday and he absolutely loved it, and i think he could be golden.  but my belly has been filled this whole week because i got so many food appointments.  And not to toot my own horn, but i didn't realize how much people in that branch loved me.  Because i went to their church yesterday and everyone was stoked to have me back and were pleading with me to stay, and even kept asking me to talk to President Berrett to let me stay there and be transferred there.  Even the Branch President was saying "he needs me back here." Haha.  But anyways it was cool seeing all those people, but my mind is going insane with all this in-limbo stuff, because i still have no clue if i am going to stay in Linga or going back to Convent Road, and also where i am going when i leave India. 

Been pretty hot??? Crazy!!! I bet Ty is loving the pool. And yeah i got all the notes! Loved them!! Thanks for sending them (St George reunion notes/letters).  I can only imagine you trying to defend the raspberries!!! haha, laughing right now thinking about it:)  Anyways sorry for a short email.  Hopefully next week i will have more to update on, and also hopefully my mind will be put at ease with some answers this week.
Well i guess i better start sending scriptures again then!!! This week, Alma 7:11-16.  Awesome verses about the Atonement.  Read and ponder on that.  Awesome stuff.
Love you all,
Elder Ball
Pic that Franck sent me of he/Elder Ball this week.

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