Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Bangalore Convent Road

Hey family!!!
This week was a pretty interesting week...It was pretty frustrating for a lot of the week, but there were quite a few little awesome things that Heavenly Father threw in for good measure:)  I think this week he was trying our patience and testing to see how we react to adversity.  We had many many many bunked appointments this week.  And for much of the week it just seemed like the world was against us.  It was so difficult to get the interview for our investigator set up because we need the branch president to come and our zone leader, and our branch president was really reluctant to come because he just doesn't get very involved with the missionary work here.  Then on Saturday night, one of the other sets of missionaries had our baptism clothes and wouldn't bring them to us, so we had to miss an appointment and go clear out of our way to get them.  And many other times things just didn't work out for us this week.  It was pretty frustrating.   However, we got some pretty awesome things happened to us.  

One was on Thursday, which was probably our worst day.  So this day, we went to give a sister a blessing who was in the hospital and had been complaining that elders weren't coming to give her a blessing, even though we had no clue about this until Thursday. We took an auto ride for 110 rupees which is pretty big sum for an auto ride.  We get there, and they had been discharged and didn't want us to come visit.  Then our recent convert Krishna rescheduled his appointment so we walked around looking for homes and found nothing.  Finally we go to meet Krishna at 6, and he ends up being an hour late.  Really frustrating.  And he is not coming to church and it is really difficult to get a hold of him, so it was pretty frustrating.  But at 7:30/8:00 we went to a family who had just moved into the branch and they were awesome.  It was a big Indian guy married to a Philippino, and they fed us pizza and we got a new investigator...the guy's dad! It was great and we had a great lesson about families and the importance of the gospel in the family, so we will be meeting them regularly now.  

Then last night, after a disappointing week, we met a guy named Harish who is the brother of a member and he came to church yesterday, so we taught him a great lesson about prayer and about God loving him.  He has very little faith in God because he doesn't think he listens.  But by the end of our lesson, his countenance changed and it was awesome.  We taught him also that sometimes God gives us things we don't want or doesn't give us things we want because it is good/not good for us.  So right after this, we were wanting dinner from a family that said they would feed us.  On our way over there, we found out they weren't home yet so we went for a small walk to wait, and we ended up meeting some really great potential investigators that really want us to teach them.  We went back to the member's home and they cancelled on God had us set up that appointment that he knew would bunk so that we would meet these guys.  We are convinced of this.  So that was still a pretty good end to the week.  We also met 3 other new investigators earlier in the week.  

Also on Wednesday, i went on exchange in Lingarajapuram!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! I saw some of my old investigators and members!  I first saw Vincent David...he is in rough shape.  They never taught him after i left.  He has lost his job and had to shift to a smaller place and they are really struggling and he is back to drinking a lot.  It was kind of sad.  but I saw the great Pidugu family!!!! They fed me twice...lunch and dinner haha:)  They are awesome and i really miss them.  I also saw my former BML Brother Louis and his wife and son!! Their son is being baptized this week! It was great to see them and they also fed me.  But the best part was seeing John and Claude!!! I was unable to see Simmy yet but i saw the two guys i personally performed the baptism ordinance for, so i uploaded pics of one convert in each arm;)  It was great! They are doing so good and so active and love the church and are going to share the gospel when they get home and found out they have branches in their place!  Also in Lingarajapuram last week in church 8 africans sang nearer my god to thee in French!! I heard it was awesome.  But that branch is in a bad state right now.  The members don't like the missionaries anymore and so many people went inactive.  People were so happy to see me and it made me sad seeing the state of that area....but it was awesome seeing the people i grew to love there.  

Another great thing this week was Kanchana got baptized!! My companion and i have been really working hard in this area but haven't seen much fruit from it...but we got a baptism together which is great and now that family, Megha's family, has a couple more brothers to teach and baptize before the whole family is in the fold of God, so this upcoming week we will be meeting those brothers and teaching them.  We have some good things ahead i think.  

So this week i will find out where i will be going in three weeks.  It is looking like it is leaning towards going to the states, but more missionaries are getting visas so i might not stay where i am going as long as i originallly thought.  So that will be good.  

Answers: Best thing we ate this week was a member made Chapati and beef curry for was so dang good.  Funniest thing was talking to kids here in Telugu.  They don't speak telugu so it was kind of funny because i pretended i didn't know English, so their mind was blown and you should have seen their faces.  Most exciting thing was having a baptism!  The apartment is pretty good.  Probably best one of i have had.  Great experience mom about the new PCS worker.  She should be good because she is strong as the little guy is getting huge!!!  The pool sounds great!! I bet Ty will absolutely love that and will probably want to play in it all day everyday...

Last thing...Happy Father's day to the best Dad in the world!!!  Love you pops! You are the best and a great example for me.  I definitely want to be as great as you when i am a father.. Although i probably won't be as good as you, at least i will try.  You're the best, mate!! Oh and the quote you sent this week was pretty much the epitome of our week so thanks for that!!! Really fits right in and very uplifting.  Holland always motivates everyone.  Also sounds like Kerr got it done and had quite the solid team! Lebron is not better than MJ.  MJ would have won even without those guys.  I think LBJ would have won with them honestly, but if he was better than MJ, he would have won regardless.  I think one weakness lebron has is in tough times, trying to do everything himself and not helping his teammates improve.  I think he needs to let other people help him sometimes and not always put everything on his shoulders.  

Well love you all! Hope you have a great week!! Loving India! Y'all better be loving America though!;)
Love, Elder Ball

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