Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Wow i cannot believe i am in my 11th month on my mission.  Holy heck it has gone by fast.  In six weeks i will be off to the Philippines and then there i will hit my hump day!!! Crazy right???? Well time sure does fly when you are enjoying life and boy am i enjoying life.  Being on a mission is the best decision i have made so far in my life, and Heavenly Father has really blessed me and also changed me for the better.  

Well this week was quite a weird week.  In fact this email will probably be fairly short because not a whole lot went on.  But i guess the first thing i will say is i survived the 120 degree weather all week.  It is actually pouring rain as we speak.  But the biggest news of all is i was expecting to stay here another transfer.. But unexpectedly, i got a transfer call on transfer call day last week.  And guess where i am going....right back to Bangalore!!! How weird is that!? I am going to a different branch called Convent Road branch which is probably the most Americanized area in the entire mission which will be a weird transition because i have been in a village the past four months.  But i guess the Lord wants me in Convent Road for 1 transfer.  Next transfer i am going to the Philippines...which means in six weeks...that is so weird.  It came up so fast.  So tomorrow i am leaving in the morning and flying back to Bangalore.  I will be in an apartment with one of my batchmates Elder Pereira so i am really excited about that. My companion will be Elder Dias.  He is from Missouri.  He is OCI though (not from India but of Indian descent).  He is a pretty fun guy, so i should have a good time with him.  

So basically this week i spent most of my time teaching my investigators for the last time and saying good-bye to all those who i came to know and love here in Rajahmundry.  It is weird how attached you get to an area and people in so short time.  But as far as the missionary work goes...this week Ganesh and his family came to church again!!! We were so happy!! And also a boy named Sanjay Romathula finally came as well! He was an inactive that we have been working with for a long time and finally he came! It was a good way to finish off my time here in Rajahmundry.
I really enjoyed my time here but i guess God has called me elsewhere and it is all his plan. I will really miss many people in this area and am sure i will come to love those in my new area.  

Thanks for Aaron's email.  I will email eem soon.  If you see eem again soon tell him he is still my bro.  Our ward had a baptism...? i don't think i ever remember one happening except for maybe one the whole time i was there...That is way cool though.  Many baptisms in missionary work come from part-member families like that, and they are really prepared because of the example of their family.  I'm sure the Mercado family was a big help in that.  And yeah maybe i will try and fit one small girl like that in my suitcase on the way home...they are so dang cute!! (the cute 8yr old from last batch of pictures)  Wow you finished another jar of peanut butter?? Can't believe it takes you that long!!!;) haha. 

Grandma with another injury??? Oh no!!! not good.  She has been beat up pretty bad lately, but she is tough as nails so she will probably get through it okay.  As far as random things...the transfer call was pretty random.  I will miss Elder Thompson so much.  Man i love that guy.  We had such a great time together and really were finding success.  Goodness i didn't think i could get attached to people very easily but i guess i have gone soft;) haha.  Anyways sorry not much to say this week...mostly i just said good bye and gave my final testimonies to everyone...Will talk to you next week!

Love, Elder Ball

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