Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014 - Bangalore

Hello my beloved family and friends!
So this week was a much better week.  I still wasn't able to go out due to still being sick with body pains until Wednesday, but right after i recovered we went out and really got stuff done.  

So we visited John and Simmy this week and we invited them to be baptized.  Once again we brought Frank and Cedrick and they were really helpful again.  So John immediately said yes.  Simmy said he would answer us on Sunday, but he actually answered us on Saturday when we visited him and said yes! So we committed them to be baptized on this Saturday the 29th!!!! So it is getting closer and closer to their date and we have to just finish teaching them a few things this week and get them interviewed and then proceed with the service on Saturday! Elder Bunga and I are really excited for this weekend.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and they follow through with this commitment.  So in our mission we have a rule that investigators have to come to church 3 weeks in a row before they can be eligible to be baptized.  So this Sunday we weren't seeing them at church yet in the middle of sacrament meeting.  So knowing how important these guys are, we took Cedrick and left the middle of sacrament meeting and went and picked them up and brought them to church just in time.  So they are still eligible to baptized.  But it was great that they were still able to come at the last minute.  They had woken up late that morning, but we still got them to sacrament meeting.

This week we also finally got another appointment with Kishore and since he had been to church three weeks in a row, we were thinking to also have him be baptized on the 29th but when we went to his house, he didn't answer the door or his phone so we were unable to see him so that was quite disappointing.  Stephen (Cedrick's friend) came to church this after we committed him to come.  So that was really great to have him there as well.  We also have a new investigator that Elder Bunga met last Sunday when he went with another Elder while i was sick.  His name is David and i guess he is really interested so hopefully we can meet him this week and teach him.  We also met some of Cedrick's friends in an area so we are planning to go to that area and do some finding there.  

So our highlight of the week was definitely committing John and Simmy to baptism, so I have been really praying so hard to have them go through with this because we have missed out on some baptisms and that has been really disappointing so we have been really excited about these two guys.  They are very awesome guys.  We also got a really good referral this week and this girl lives next to the Pidugu family and she is already committed to be baptized December 21 and is really interested.   

So yes I am feeling better this week and no i didn't have the fever come back after it went away.  About the transfers....apparently transfers with us and a couple other Elders still won't happen until middle of December.  No more concerns yet about the RSS, but i definitely agree about getting sick.  While it was awful, i think it really was made to happen by God because it happened just after this and it made me sick enough to stay in for a week+. 
Yes, we actually can tract.  We have done some door knocking.  There are just certain areas that we don't do that in because they are Muslim areas.  We don't teach Muslims here.  Most of our teachings though has been to Christians.  We have taught a couple of Hindus, but it is very difficult to get them to just believe in Christ.  Most of them have no problem accepting Jesus Christ, but then they believe in both Christ and their Hindu Gods so it is difficult for sure.

Oh hey mom, can you send me a recent picture this week of you next to Trena.  When Elder Bunga found out that you have a twin, he wanted to see a picture of you guys:)  Sounds like Tyler is getting bigger and harder to handle these days but i hope he is being happy.  The movie was good huh? I'm a little disappointed i missed it;) and I am glad you liked the Indian food.  The food here is pretty dang good.  The only thing though is like all we eat is rice haha.

Dad: Better get working out some so you handle Ty huh? Sounds like Mountain View had a really good year which is really surprising but that is awesome! Great achievement for them to make it to the state final.  BSU on a roll now? That's great! Harsin a good coach? BSU bball lost to Wisconsin? did Wisconsin have that big center still? The NBA seems so weird these days...Thunder doing bad, i heard the Cavs aren't very good either...Dang Alabama back to number 1....lame....same old same old with that haha.  KD and westbrook out for a while still...dang it.  Giants are terrible again i guess.  That means next season Manning and Coughlin will be on the hot seat and they will win the Super Bowl;) Yeah i have played ball the last two weeks and this week i did with Cedrick, Stephen, Christian and Frank, the African brothers and it was pretty fun.  They aren't very good but it was still fun.

So Caleb got accepted to Utah State!!! He rarely emails me but he did last week and showed me his acceptance letter so i am really excited for/proud of him.  Maybe when i get home we will be able to hang out together.  Please talk to Aaron for me, tell him i am teaching a lot of Africans and to check out my blog because next week i will post pictures of all of them. haha.  Okay scriptures for the week: 3 Nephi 21:10, Mormon 7:7, Mormon 8:22, and Mormon 9:21, 27.

Thanks so much Dad for being proud of me.  It really means a lot.  You were/are such a great example to me, so it means a lot to have to say that.  I really wish i would have appreciated you and mom a lot more before because you guys did so much for me.  Love you guys so much!!! and miss you a little too;)
Until next week,
Elder Ball

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