Monday, November 17, 2014

Emails from Sister Berrett - Dengue Fever

Dear Brother and Sister Ball,

Your son called me this week because he was not feeling well.  He had a fever and nausea.  when he was not better a few days later he had an appointment at a clinic that is one of our approved facilities.  The doctor ordered some blood tests done.  Elder Ball learned the next day that he had Dengue Fever.  It is caused from a mosquito bite.  Because his fever responds well to Tylenol and his blood platelet count is normal they have not hospitalized him.  He does need to go in every day for blood work to watch for complications.  He said that he was feeling a little better today.  He did not have much fever and the anti-nausea medicine helped him to be able to eat.  Dengue Fever does cause a lot of head and muscle pain.  There is not much they can give to cure it but only to treat the symptoms.  Sunday was the first day he was sick and the worst part usually lasts about a week.  Hopefully after this weekend he should be feeling better and getting back to normal.

I will let you know if anything changes.  He is in relatively good spirits considering the circumstances.  He is anxious to get back to work.  We appreciate Elder Ball and the good spirit he brings to our mission.

Thank you for sharing your son with us.
Sister Berrett

Dear Brother and Sister Ball,

I can understand your concern about your son.  He is doing much better.  I was surprised to see him at the Saturday Evening session of District Conference last night.  He said he was feeling better.  He was also at conference this morning and looked like he was back to his normal self. 
He is quite a diligent missionary.

Warm Regards,
Sister Berrett

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