Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 - Bangalore

Hello my dear friends and family!

Soooo basically, as some or most of you may heard, i had a pretty rough week this week...I came down with Dengue Fever so from Sunday through Wednesday i had a temperature over 100 and it even got up to 104 at one point.  For those four days i was unable to do anything but lay in bed.  On Thursday and Friday i started feeling a little bit better so i was at least able to move a little bit but i still had a lot of body pains.  So i was either in the apartment, clinic or hospital for the entire time this week.  So we didn't get to teach anybody unfortunately.  On Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference (Stake conference basically) so that was good but i had to go without wearing socks because i got super bad rashes on my legs haha.  President Berrett was pretty impressed though that i made it.  Today i am just starting to get my energy back so this week should be better. 

Simmy and John did come to District Conference which was really good and are wanting to come to church next week again so we are really excited about them.  They are great.  Cedrick and Frank are really helpful because they are giving them fellowship and friendship which is key.  Either Elder Bunga or i should be transferred out of this area soon within the next week or two so we are really hoping that they make enough progress to accept the baptismal invitation this week! We are getting pretty excited about them so hopefully they can be our baptism before our companionship ends.  

So this week wasn't too good.  The RSS is against people that convert to christianity.  so basically against christians, but i was a bigger target because i am white.  So we had interviews with President Berrett this week and he said he was thinking about transferring me out of this area so that i wouldn't be a target.  So we will see what happens.  So only in Bangalore we don't wear tags and yes that is for safety.  We don't have a ton of other things but just if that happens to act and answer truthfully and confidently and if it seems to be a problem, then just offer to go to the police station with them because they have no authority anyway.  So before our personal interviews with the mission president we had companionship interviews so when Elder Bunga and I went in together, we found out that we are leading the mission in the three effort stats: member present lessons, recent convert/less active lessons, and new investigators.  So he was very proud of us for our hard work.  Now we just need to try and turn all of that into baptisms which we are working very hard to do.  

As far as Christmas requests i don't really have any! Just be creative i guess;) But we did get the package this week so thank you so much mom! You are the best.

Yeah Dad i felt terrible this week.  It would definitely have been nice to have my family PA to know what to do haha.  I guess i will have to deal without eem for another 20.5 months though haha.  I will read that scripture for sure this week.  I don't have one this week for you unfortunately so i will give you two next week.  Wow! so Mountain View is in the state championship?! Thats awesome! Go Mavs!  College football is sounding pretty crazy this year! Same with NBA.  Toronto will be good, not sure about Brooklyn.  Washington is good and KD's next destination haha.  Cleveland is second huh? and UTAH?! wow.  Crazy NBA.  Giants must be bad i guess.  and OKC without their studs.  Hopefully they come back soon so that they can get back into the playoff pic.  How is Jabari doing in Milwaukee?
Brother Heyborne is a great teacher it sounds like.  The Book of Mormon is so awesome.  It is incredible how much it can teach us and give us.  How is my Tyler bro doing? i miss that guy so much.  make sure you give him plenty of hugs and kisses from me okay? 

So yeah because of that Dengue Fever i had a pretty rough week mentally this week, so it was good to read these emails from you guys! Just please continue to pray for me as i need your help so much in India! Thank you for your many prayers and your great love and support.  i miss you guys so much. Love you guys! Until Next Week...
Elder Ball

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