Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 - Bangalore

Hello everyone!

So my letter this week will probably be fairly short unfortunately.  I will explain why later.  So overall this week was actually pretty good.  We visited lots of members again and one of our tasks given to us by the Branch President was to start taking the huge copy Book of Mormons to members to give to them to start their challenge.  So we did that this week.  The members are really trusting us a lot more and more willing to come to appointments with us which is key because we are supposed to try and have a member present at every single lesson. 
Oh and so about Elder Bunga, we thought it would be another six weeks but our zone leaders told us this week that it will only be two weeks more because that is when the other new missionaries will be coming so Bunga will go somewhere else and i will probably be training a new missionary.  So i was a little bummed about it but i think Bunga was wanting a change because he has been in this area for 6 months.  So we are really hoping and praying to get one baptism before our companionship ends.  So this weeks i was struggling with my confidence as a teacher and was doubting if i was teaching powerfully enough or if I was adequate enough of a teacher.  So this week on Saturday, Elder Bunga answered my prayers and told me that i teach so good and that when i teach the Spirit is so strong there, and he wishes that he could always just listen to me teach because i do it so well.  I am not meaning to sound at all prideful about this because it was actually really humbling because i was having a hard time with that confidence.  Elder Bunga is so dang awesome.  I sure will miss him.  He might come to BYU for school after his mission so i told him that if he does we will hang out and go see my family and then he said once i come back to India that i could stay with him no problem:)  

Yona is still making up excuses not to see him so i think we are going to lay off of him for a little while.  we haven't been able to get a hold of Chris lately either.  As far as Raju and Yogita from Nelamangala goes, they were busy this week so we are planning to visit them this week.  We visited John and Simmy with Cedrick and Frank again and it was such a good meeting.  They had lots of really good questions.  They speak and understand english but it was great have frank and cedrick there because they can answer them in french.  They are so interested and Simmy already accepted the Book of Mormon as the word of god.  We think Simmy could be our baptismal candidate.  He and John also came to church on sunday and really liked it and had lots of questions afterwords.  So i don't have my journal with me today so this all i can remember about this week.  The reason i don't have it is very interesting as i have a very interesting last few days. 
So saturday evening were headed to give something to the Ramamurthy nagar elders and as we were waiting for a bus, this guy and group of guys (most drunk) came up to elder bunga and asked his name and then came over to ask me mine.  So this guy comes up to me and was trying to take my picture and and video so i told him no about taking that picture.  So i was drinking juice and he ripped the juice from my hand and threw it on the ground and asked my name so i told him.  Then elder bunga came over and this guy began to ask me so many questions about where i live, where i am from, if i have a visa, what i was doing here, etc.  So bunga told him we are students and so the guy said that Sunday morning at 9:30 or 10 they will find out if we really are students and that they had something nice for us.  It turns out this guy is a head of the RSS which a Hindu extremist group.  So that was super scary so we spent the night at the other elders apartment.  Apparently everything will be fine but i was very nervous about this.  So that night i only slept for 10 minutes and it was because i came down with a bad fever.  so i have been really sick for the past two days.  so it has been a really rough past couple days and nights.  

Answers: so the address you sent the package to was one to use.  i still haven't gotten any birthday cards except from you nor have i got anything from grandpa still.  So about the christmas package...peanut butter would be good;) haha but actually i don't really know for sure what i need.  i will think about it this week and tell you next week okay?  Best thing this week was John and Simmy's interest and coming to the church and worst was the RSS incident and getting really sick.  Best thing i ate was probably the cream bun snack i told you about.  I hadn't had them in a while so tasted great to have them again.  And i can't really think of something funny i did.  It is probably in journal which i don't have so im really sorry about the not so good email this week.

Sounds like the thunder are terrible right now...did you find out how long westbrook is out? Perkins should be stepping up more that is for sure haha.  So the Jazz beat the Cavs good huh? how are the cavs? who is impressive in the NBA so far.  That's awesome about the football team! 

Once again sorry for the crap email this week.  I am still not feeling well so i tried to make this email quick enough without leaving you hanging.
Scripture of the week: James 1:22

Well hope you all are doing well and will have a wonderful week this week
Love you all,
Elder Ball

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